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  1. Grandad,

    There was some spurious argument about them not being put in a situation where their senior civil servants were paid more – no-one seemed to suggest that the senior civil servants were of significantly greater ability than the motley crew in the cabinet.

    His predecessor? John Bruton wasn’t really a gangster, was he?

  2. Ian – They will always put up spurious arguments as to why they should get more, but the rest of us don’t.

    I meant his predecessor in his own party [as well you know ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]

  3. Wait and see though, when the National Wage Agreement negotiations are signed sealed and delivered in February, and he’s cried poverty there, he’ll implement his own pay hike then.

  4. Us thick? Of course not, sure didn’t we vote the shaggers back in? No not thick.


    Too busy worrying about our own affairs to really take effective action against the orc-like little crook and his right hand Troll.

    Suffering from a degree of paralysis due to Fear Uncertainty and Doubt about where it’s all going.

    All of those things and some more, allowing him to grin happily to himself of an evening as he snuggles down into his armchair with a nice cuppa (he has to pay for those himself you know) safe in the knowledge that all is going to plan.

  5. I saw Mary Hanafin on the box last night and the utter tripe she was spouting. She said that she didn’t think that there was anyone in the country that wouldn’t agree with paying their leaders a decent wage. Wake up from your little dreamworld Mary, what you consider a decent wage for yourself is way off the mark of what I would consider a decent wage for you, you shamless hussey!

  6. I saw that Hanafin thing too. It cost me another television. It made a nice bang though when the Cully and Sully bowl went flying through the screen.

  7. They (FF) seem to have taken an approach of running the country like a big corporation which is not the way it should be. Corporations are about profit whereas a government is about public service. Or at least it should be.

    Somewhere along the line they seem to have completely dropped the public service bit. You literally cannot wake up in the morning and go for a p*ss without it costing you money. And as you found out yourself the other day with the smoking lark that you can’t even walk down the street without being told what to do.

    The level of interference in peoples daily lives is getting well out of order and our privacy seems to be diminishing. In the dail this morning Bertie has said that he want the Gardai to start raiding house parties in an effort to step up the seizures of cocaine. Now I would be all in favour of reducing the amount of cocaine available but spuriously raiding house parties is a little out of order as almost certainly searching for cocaine would be used as a pretence for other reasons.

  8. Robert – I am beginning to be seriously concerned at the level of interference in our private lives. You [and Twenty] are bang on about raiding parties – Bertie effectively sanctioned the Police State in that speech. There is nothing to stop the gardai crashing into my house at any time under the pretext that they thought there was a coke party on. I made light of it [pun intended] about the smoking thing, but it really did annoy me, not because of the anti-smoking, but because the authorities are abusing their position to impose restrictions where they have no right.
    Have you ever noticed the number of little signs that are everywhere – ‘hard hat must be worn’, ‘no parking’, ‘use other footpath’, ‘do not do this’, ‘do not do that’. Everywhere you look, its signs telling you to do something or not to do something. We are being treated like a damned flock of sheep.
    *rant over* [for the moment]

  9. Funny you mention the warning signs. I was reading a report a while back about those very signs that blight building sites all over the country. They reckon that having the signs up everywhere is more dangerous than not having any as people working on the sites tend to just ignore them purely because they are so proliferous.

  10. Far worse than the building sites – what about the innumerable signs at the side of the roads? They are a dangerous distraction. There is no standardisation and most of them are superfluous.

    The most dangerous ones are the ones that flash rotating messages, as you have to concentrate on them to see what they are trying to say – and they are usually placed on motorways and main trunk routes. They are lethal, and it’s only a matter of time before they cause a serious accident.

  11. I see Mary Hanafin is being carted out to defend the Governemnt often. Useless showers of feckers. Thank God I don’t vote.

    Love the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Welcome to the Blogosphere, Brian ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hanafin confuses me. Harney and Ahern take up the first two spots on my hit list, but I can’t decide between herself and Cowan for the three spot. She irritates the hell out of me.

  13. Grandad, sometimes your grasp of world politics just amazes me. Thank you for posting this information about our states Governer Ed ‘Commandant’ Rendell. I’m not sure all your readers will know that our Governor is such a,” duplicitous hypocritical little fuck”. Your facts are only a bit off though. Fast Eddy already signed the bill giving himself and all of our members of the state House and Senate another pay raise. They are now the second highest paid ‘duplicitous hypocritical little fucks’ in the country. Second only to, where else? California of course!
    The parallels are amazing!

  14. Roy – For the pay rise… Better never than late, I say.

    Brianf – Are you aware that our Glorious Leader has awarded himself a salary of half a million dollars a year? That beats any other EU leader, and even puts Dubya in the shade. And this in a country of four million people???

  15. $500,000 a year!!! W only makes $400,000 a year!
    I’m passing this information on to the U.N. We may need to invade Dublin to set this straight.

  16. Brianf – Yes. โ‚ฌ310,000 [ = $455,019 ?? ]. What is worse, take a look at the pathetic measly excuses he uses.

    I quote:

    “Irish politicians deserve higher salaries because they do not have access to weekend homes like Chequers for Mr Brown or luxury yachts which Mr Sarkozy enjoys.”

    P.S. He also has to make his own tea!!

  17. I just read the article. That is absolutely freakin’ amazing!! I know you don’t like my President but at least before becoming Prez he held jobs that paid him well enough to own his own home. A ranch nonetheless.
    So what did Bertie do before becoming Taoiseach? I mean besides being a gangster.

  18. Now you see why I freak out so often about him and his cronies. And if you could hear him!! Journalists have to tidy up his speeches because of the stammering and stuttering and the appalling grammar.

    He claimed he was a qualified accountant, but someone did some research and the college had never heard of him. He then admitted he had attended night classes [probably as a toilet cleaner, not a student]. Incidentally, before becoming leader, he was Minister for Finance under Charles Haughey, who soaked the country for millions. Unfortunately, Haughey died before he could be brought to trial.

    Don’t worry about our Great Leader’s past. After all, Adolf Hitler was only a humble painter.

  19. “Hanafin confuses me. Harney and Ahern take up the first two spots on my hit list, but I canโ€™t decide between herself and Cowan for the three spot.”

    Surely you are not putting Hanafin and Cowan ahead of those two feckless Fucks, Cullen & O’Dea.

    It is scary that over 19,000 people voted for that muppet Cullen. No wonder the country is fucked !!!

  20. Now I know you’re serious . . not an asterisk to be found in any expletives! So who voted for him?

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