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  1. Grandad,

    I know a few caravanners who might be able to suggest where you might get a replacement, should you need one.

    Shall I send them along? 😉

  2. You’ve gotta be kidding? That’s not a bottle of gas, it’s a blooming miracle. You didn’t buy it in Knock by any chance?

  3. I bough the whole lot in Charles Camping in Blessington. I see they are still around, so I might drop over there at some stage. It’s a bit of a trip, but if I only have to do it once every 32 years?

  4. O my God Grandad that is amazing. My mam and dad have the exact same one, not sure if is the same bottle of gas mind I doubt it as when my parents aren’t using the lickle cooker it is normally out on loan.

  5. That’s daft. I was just writing about my never-ending cylinder yesterday but it only lasted two years- that pales completely in comparison to yours.

  6. A nice bit of a coincidence? I find it very hard to believe myself. We have been waiting for it to run out for the last 31 years. It is very light now, so it must be close to the end. And we don’t have a spare.


  7. Grandad,

    I dunno what’s in that bottle of yours, but I’d like some of it please!

    I fancy being a Duracell bunny over Christmas 😀

  8. You’re in trouble now Grandad!!

    EU law says “Cylinder life spans remain at 15 years and CANNOT under any circumstances be extended.”

    And you a smoker too. Except the knock on the door….

  9. Tom – What? The law says my cylinder is illegal? They must be f***ing joking!

    I have had a bellyful of their inane laws and regulations. I would love to be hauled up in court for ‘using a gas cylinder beyond 15 years’. PLEASE come and arrest me. The door is wide open…..

  10. Hi Grandad, it looks like a Camping Gaz 906 or a 907 cylinder. They are widely available. Failing that you can always get a new valve and attach it to the hose for modern cylinders.

    Than’s some amount of time to have it though, with both burners full on you should only get about 16 hours burn time.

  11. Jack – I just searched and found a Camping Gaz 907. That looks like it. Bloody hell!! €17 for a refill. That works out at 1c per week. I never realised it was so expensive to run!!

  12. You can get a refill (swap) down at Dun Laoghaire Marina. I have the same bottle in my Campervan.

    They may look a bit sideways at the state of your bottle though!

  13. Jesus, but that’s some cylinder! 32 years eh. What if it IS a Jesus cylinder and snuffs out next year?

  14. Neighbour – It is a little battered all right, but it has travelled a few thousand miles, and seen some great adventures.

    Sneezy – Maybe it’s the Eternal Flame? When it runs out, then that is The End.

  15. That’s awesome!
    We have a stuffed teddy bear that plays Christmas Carols…rather annoyingly too I might add…& has been operating on the same batteries for 20 years! But, I think we may need to finally change them this year…the bear only sings a few seconds of each song & just keeps repeating them over & over! Or maybe it’s just getting senile….

    I LOVE your blog by the way…all the way from California! 🙂

  16. Welcome back Olga!

    only sings a few seconds of each song & just keeps repeating them over & over!
    I have a friend like that, but he only does it when he’s drunk. Are you sure you aren’t feeding Teddy something? He may have more than just juice in his batteries.

  17. Welcome Leslie!
    Why do I remind you of your Granda. and how old is he?
    Maybe I am that old? Maybe I’m older? Probably not though, as my grandchildren aren’t on-line yet.

  18. That’s a fair innings ai’ght. Wouldn’t last that long in the land of the BBQ mind, we go through about 3 Swap n Go bottles in a single summer! (Mind you we have the mother of all five burner barbie’s with triple overhead turbo and saucepan hotplate with cover! Vrooom!)

  19. Baino – Five burners? Triple overhead turbo? That’s a car you fool. I’m fond of the odd BBQ myself, but I’m a purist… charcoal only.


  20. Amazing!

    Though I bet you drink out of really, really really, tiny cups,and one brussel sprout (cooked in a pressure cooker) does not constitute a Christmas dinner now does it?

  21. Hey Grandad 🙂

    They dont make gas cylinders like that anymore !

    I did my share of Camping have the scars to prove it! I couldnt afford that twin model you have there with the wind breaker surround 🙁 bet you had a 2 room tent too 😛

  22. SID – I am a dedicated tea drinker. Pint mugs only. The sprout was nicely cooked though.

    Alan – It was a two bedroom model, but it didn’t have a wind breaker [apart from myself]. They were a bit cheaper in those days, and it was supposed to be an investment.

  23. I bet that tank has a self-contained eco-system happening in its innards. It’s now producing its own gas! How’s that for economy!

    You know what? If you brought that tank to some scientiffy people, I bet they would discover that the tank has become a new self-generating source of power, and you would not only save the world, but make several squillion at the same time.

    You’re a jammy fecker that way.

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