Vista onto a horrible view — 11 Comments

  1. at least you can dump Vista without paying it a fat pension
    of cream cakes and tax payers money.

  2. There you are now. Everyone complains about Vista, but by comparison, it isn’t too bad after all.

  3. I like Vista. Most of it anyways. It took me most of an evening to ‘de-vista’ it. By that I mean turning off user account control (and keeping it from turning itself back on). Getting rid of the all the sidebars, gadgets, defenders, useless security crap and the rest of the junk associated with it and forcing it to act like a normal computer OS.
    Mary Harney on the other hand is all yours.

  4. At least no one is forced to live with Vista…

    Or die with it if you’re misdiagnosed with cancer or your “nearest” hospital is two hours away.

  5. Vista has ruined my evening walk..I keep having to duck flying laptops that come out of second story windows….bloody annoying although the geeky kid down the street is making a mint..blowing Vista out of computers and putting xp in…..:)

  6. At least Vista does something, and Microsoft will eventually upgrade it,

    Which is what this government needs a good upgrade

    Harney is not only overrated she is also outdated and very expensive to run & will continue to cost money even when she is eventually f**ked out.

    Vista is the winner hands down…

  7. OFTR – 😆

    Susan – True enough. I wish I could send Harney to the Recycle Bin.

    SID – Even hinting about sex in the same sentence as Harney is DISGUSTING. You are barred.

    Yes. No doubt about it. The world complains about Vista, but there’s a lot worse….

  8. The thing I hate about Vista is that there are so many versions of it. There’s even a 3rd World version of it Windows Vista Starter. It runs on stone PCs and the default input device is two sticks and a block of wood.

  9. I hate all the ‘hate’ against Mary Harney. Any time she tries to change anything in the Health Department, all the Doctors, Nurses and Consultants go on strike. How is she meant to sort anything out?

    And does Mary Harney sign off on every Cancer check or were the previous ministers for health doing that as part of their job? Yet, it’s Harney’s fault….

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