In the shadow of The Beast — 12 Comments

  1. Wept indeed. Go get her, Grandad!

    I blogged about our health “service” last week, on trying to get my daughter assessed by professionals who seem to believe their jobs are NOT to examine or diagnose patients, but only to reassure them that Nothing’s Wrong:

    Me: My daughter’s head is on backwards, her feet fell off this morning, and she spits fire when her nappy’s wet.

    Doctor: Sure don’t my own girls do the very same, isn’t she a lovely wee thing? Ninety-five euros that’ll be, you can pay the nurse on the way out. Next!

    ARRRRGH. I wasn’t surprised when the cancer story came out; just heartbroken for all those poor women….and waiting for my own turn.

    ARGH again.

  2. Ian – There is a marked resemblance. They must be very closely related.

    Susan – I’m afraid that all the time the people of this country keep voting that shower in, this is going to continue…..

  3. I’m not surprised, just disappointed in the Greens, Finian McGrath and the rest of those who shouted from the Moral High Ground before they were bought off ……

  4. Shane – A nice little comment that I heard yesterday…..

    The Greens have become a limp side-salad in the government.

    Or words to that effect.

  5. I have never seen a person from the healthcare side of the HSE fail to do their utmost for their job.

    The problem is the excessive amount of bureaucratic managers, exemplified by Harney. A scapegoat would have been nice though.

  6. Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Waistline Grow ???

    I Think Haughey’s famous phrase is called for “GUBU”, pretty much describes what happened in the Dail yesterday.

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