Golden Spiders Again — 14 Comments

  1. no competition really, but voted none the less. Can fairly say you deserve it, checked out the other sites and as i say, no competition really.

  2. Baino – It’s just that time of year. There are still the Irish Blog Awards to come, but they are in the New Year.

    Thanks everyone. I’m up against some stiff ones here [as the actress said to the bishop?]

  3. Bye Jimminy you will be doing a tour of the Americas and presenting Oscars or something…I can just see him now on Oprah…

  4. The deed is done.

    I reckon all this fame business is going to your ‘back’ – not your head!

    Hope it eases soon 😥

  5. Robert B – I’m on Oprah? Now? I don’t think so. It must be someone else?

    OFTRoad – Are you casting nasturtiums at the standard of entries to the awards???? 😉

    Steph – It’s gone to my head all right. I’m quite dizzy. In fact I need to go and sit down.

  6. Thumbs down to your bad back (hope it’s better soon!) and thumbs up to the best blog. (good luck, too)

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