How to drive in Ireland – an Introduction — 12 Comments

  1. I’m extra happy because I passed my driving test a few weeks back 😀 It’s just a shame that I have no work to go to on Tuesday so I won’t get to enjoy the clear roads. (As if that will really happen).

    What will happen is that over this weekend every learner driver in the country will be taking down their L plates!

    I can’t make it to Dublin tomorrow I’m afraid. Will you be holding another course soon or is it just going to be a once off?

  2. Congratulations, Robert. Was that with, or without a bribe?

    Sorry to hear you can’t make it. Unfortunately, I won’t be holding another ‘Drive in Dublin’ day for the foreseeable future. However, I will be posting the odd [very odd?] guide from time to time.

  3. Would you believe with no bribe? Not only that I was the last test on a Monday, I had been awake 16 hours and a quick lesson before the test was the first time I had been behind the wheel in just over a year.

    The tester probably mistook my head nodding trying to keep my eyes open for checking the mirrors 🙂

  4. Wouldn’t it be far more sensible to tie all the bumpers of the cars on the roads together and just let the driver in the front of the queue do all the work? So much tidier and safer…

  5. Hiya Geeky!

    It would if the learners were honest and used L plates, but they’ll just take them off and pretend they can drive…..

  6. Having done over 3 million miles on the roads of North America as a long haul truck (lorry) driver.. I have nothing but good to say about Grandad’s public service…the man is a giver of the highest order…I only hope he brings his program over the pond and makes an impact here…otherwise I will have to take the covers off of the bazookas which are mounted on both fenders of my very large vehicle and start taking you blithering idiots out before you hurt me…..

  7. It’s all a moot point now Grandad. You can take tomorrow off and re-arrange for the August Bank Holiday weekend next year.

    The plan on implementing the changes have been deferred until 30th June next year 😐

  8. Robert [B] – 3,000,000 miles? Wow! I didn’t know America was that long.
    Why are you driving around with women’s breasts on your vehicles? Or does ‘bazooka’ mean something different there?

    Robert – I might have known they’d do a U turn [illegal on some roads….]. No. I’ll carry on now, as it is all arranged. And when I promise something – I deliver.

  9. that will give me time to dust down [i’m a very good housewife] the morris minor and buy me ‘l’ lpates……i’ve always wanted to drive but my husband says i drive a car like a garbage disposal expert [a bin lorry driver to me] i’m sure i don’t know what he means!but with you r expert tuition i should be fine to get to work tuesday.

  10. Cooper – A dusty Morris Minor with L plates is the darling of the Irish roads. You’ll be fine.
    If you are stopped by the law, just say you are taking the Head Rambles Course in Safer Motoring.

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