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  1. I tried talking to MY laptop and it didn’t say anything back.

    Exactly how strong IS the Guinness over there?

  2. Rhodester – Maybe you are not listening? Mine never shuts up.

    Grannymar – How dare you! I think it came free with a paper, and I’ve been keeping it for emergencies.

  3. Be properly cruel, use a Celine Dion CD. Might end up with a cracked screen, but the laptop will be in too much shock to give you any more guff.

  4. Niall – I don’t think even the Sunday papers give them away. I might download a few tracks and burn them onto a CD. I’m certainly not buying one…..

  5. download a few tracks!!!!
    your computer could go on strike and never work again.
    what about us, what will we do then??
    ooh, you are a selfish b—–d

  6. Steph & Tony – You have to show a firm hand. Whether it’s pets, children or computers. You have to establish who is the boss. And frankly the laptop is getting a little uppity for my liking.

    Very harsh measures are called for.

  7. Doc – I take it you are referring to the awards? If so, it’s not until the 15th, and I haven’t won yet, and probably won’t. It’s an honour and glory thing.

  8. My first visit here & I love it! Great post! My laptop has a mind of it’s own too…

  9. Grandad, please stop anthropomorphising your laptop. That’s why it’s in a bad mood all the time.

  10. grandad –

    i have a small crew of 5 14 and 15 year olds working on the votrs issue…

    make sure your black tie ensemble is freshly pressed, please.

  11. Olga – Hiya and welcome! 🙂 [It’s my first time to reply to a bra]

    Baino – I always use my laptop on my lap. It keeps it warm. I’m thinking of investing in a Dell, to keep it warmer.

    Brianf – I can’t help it if my laptop is grumpy. I can’t help it if you’re grumpy. I can’t help it if I’m grumpy.

    Doc – As usual, you are confusing me by talking about something completely different. Call your crew off – they’re wasting their time. Judging is now done by a panel.

  12. ….14 and 15 year old – vixens.

    and, i was just over to the net visonary short-list and hopped to the 3 other ..’sites’. they are certainly nice and well designed, sorta like well crafted public relations spots for their respective companys.

    but they are nothing at all like blogs.

    how in the world did they get nominated?

  13. ‘ cos you’re special! Aah!

    Seriously though, I’d love to be a fly on the wall watching the panel read ‘Headrambles’ – it’ll crack them up – and if you don’t win, then they deserve to be shot!

    I’m writing this from the wilds of Connemara and am just about to head off to the pub for some Guinness and seafood – not that I want to make you jealous or anything!

  14. Steph – They will probably use Head Rambles for light relief amongst themselves while they decide on a serious winner!

    not that I want to make you jealous or anything

    Well – why did you write it then? Whereabouts? I didn’t know they had the Interweb in Connemara?

  15. Don’t ask me technical questions Grandad!

    The laptop’s got a plug-in modem that’s operating off the local mobile signal – very slow, just like the old days but it does the job.

    Modem costs about €70 with unlimited usage costing about €20 a month – apparently – I’m only borrowing.

  16. I passed through Leenane yesterday! You’re right – no chance of a mobile signal there. Guinness is good though!

    Got an even better pint in Roundstone today – it slipped down very nicely with a bowl of seafood chowder. Heaven!

  17. Steph – O’Dowd’s? Great Guinness, and chowder, especially if you can grab the window seat.

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