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  1. Oh thank F*** 😀

    ye had me seriously worried there for a minute GD.

    Happy Blog birthday day or whatever the correct term is 😀

  2. Thanks George 🙂 Blogiversary? [As if we didn’t have enough stupid new words flying around..]

    Grannymar – You couldn’t live without me. You are, after all, just a figment of my imagination.

  3. agreed on the stupid new words 🙂

    BTW if Grannymar is a pigment of your coloured imagination, then what does it say about me, married to her daughter?

    Should I/We be in therapy together? lol :p

  4. How do I know you/Elly exist? I don’t. I know Michele exists because I met him [but again, that could have been a nightmare?].

    If you like, I can imagine a therapist, and you can make an appointment with him or her?

  5. Ah nuts, do I exist? am I real or even virtual? argh now my head hurts, ergo I must be something but what???

    Right that’s it I’m off to take the Turin test, at least that should prove that I’m not a machine, well, unless I fail. 🙂

  6. Cheer up Grandad – it’s your Blog’Day! Time for a well-earned pint (or three)!

    I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for one year – that’s amazing! Yet another reason to win a BEST BLOGGER AWARD! Fingers x’d for you.

  7. Thanks, Steph. Why didn’t I think of that?

    I can’t believe it’s only a year. Seems like a bloody lifetime…

    Thanks for the X’d fingers. I can’t afford to go to the thing though. They’re trying to fleece me.

    Unless of course, a company would like to sponsor me? Now there’s and idea!



    Damnit – just remembered – he’s only a fig-leaf of my immagination.. 🙁

  8. Grandad – you’ve got it all wrong!

    Don’t those people realise that you’re already famous?

    What you need is an agent – someone to tell those buggers you charge a hefty appearance fee.

    Grannymar could carry that off brilliantly!

    Good luck 😀

  9. SUV….jeez they have those friggin’ things over there too? Say it ain’t so! next time, I would recommend quietly saying “supersize this you liver fluke!” as you stuff a particularly well-endowed Irish spud in the tail pipe.

    You have my complete support. Everyone around here seems caught in a vicious circle.Taking out jumbo loans to buy cavernous houses to park jumbo SUVs to haul oversized A$$e$ and “supersized” burgers down the 8 lane freeway. I sincerely hope you all are not all going on the “jabba-the-hut” diet of the USA.

    Oh, enjoy that Blog-day!

  10. Thanks Grandad..with you putting up barriers preventing the Hawaiianshirt brigade into Ireland..there all coming to Canada to see Niagara Falls and to Whistler Mountain to go skiing..all we got for defence is a sub the Brits sold us which sunk and a couple of old Sea King helicopters with Blunderbusses….were going to be swamped…

  11. OregonDan – The Irish seem to be intent on buying the entire world’s supply of SUVs. We also have the highest number of private helicopters per capita in the world. This country is going down the pan rapidly.

    Robert – Do you want the name of a great arms supplier?

  12. I was QUOTED on your blog? I’m gobsmacked. I don’t even know you and here we are, gone a courtin’..

    I’ve been close to Ireland, but not actually IN Ireland, so you needn’t worry. I stopped at Scotland and just peered over the water at you. This was a few years ago, and I don’t think you saw me.

    You should visit California though.. I’ll take you to Disneyland and we can have mint juleps in New Orleans Square.

  13. Rhodester – If you don’t know me, why are you commenting? And we’re not courtin’. I’m happily married.

    Funny you should mention Scotland. I was up in Norn Iron around then, looking at Scotland. Was that you with the lurex track-suit and all the cameras?

    I thought Disney World was in Florida? Or Paris? Are you breeding them over there?

  14. There’s a Disney thing here in California, I think it was the first one. It’s relatively small compared to the one in Florida, which is about the same size as Ireland. I hear they want to put one in Dublin, will you be going if they do? They hire seniors too, maybe that’s something to look into if you cease all this blogging nonsense. You’d fit right in on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride.

  15. First I have heard of it. The only Disney World we have here is the government.

    And don’t worry – if they do decide to build one, I shall be leading the sabotage efforts. That should be fun!

  16. I’m here per Rhodester’s boost. Ya, I’m a follower, but don’t tell those closest to me, they think I’m the biggest B**** alive and don’t listen to nobody.

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