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  1. How should I know? I just asked Laptop and it muttered something about Mandrake. That make sense?

  2. If Ubuntu 7.10 is coming out today check for a live demo CD in a couple of days. Burn it to CD and you’ll be able to test LInux off of that without installing it. It’s definitely worth trying 🙂

  3. But I still have all my old problems of not being able to run my familiar programmes? It’s the learning curve. When you reach my age, you get into a pattern and it’s difficult to break!

  4. I know the feeling GD. I tend to dig my heels in whenever there’s mention of ‘change’.

    Anyway, it’s not Linux or Windows that’s the problem – all your laptop needs is some manners put on it!

  5. gimp1
    • noun
    1 twisted, reinforced material used as upholstery trimming.
    2 (in lacemaking) coarser thread forming the outline of the design.
    3 fishing line made of silk bound with wire.

    1 a physically handicapped or lame person.
    2 a feeble or contemptible person.

    verb limp; hobble.

    Only an ould fool would put that kind of thing in a laptop!

  6. gimp3
    Weird programme used for messing around with images. Very steep learning curve.

    You put yourself down, Grannymar by describing yourself as “feeble or contemptible”! I think Elly will agree with me that you’re not feeble?

  7. Grannymar – The GIMP’s name certainly doesn’t do it any favours, and a name change thread appears on the GIMP Users email list at least once every 3 months. Many of the core developers aren’t native English speakers and the name doesn’t have the same connotations for them. It’s just an abbreviation for “GNU Image Manipulation Programme” to them!

    Anyway, I’m a big fan, almost all the photos on were processed through it.

  8. Ah Dave! The same thing applies. Learning curves. Software that doesn’t work, or that I’m not used to.

    Anyway Mac people p*ss me off because they send me files that are Stuffed instead of Zipped. It’s an elitist thing.


  9. I used to think like that until a similar dialogue (involving blue screens) sent me into the Apple Store in San Jose. One hour later, all the email, files etc had been ported across and a little bit of unlearning (bad windows habits) later I was there. And I would never go back. The Rough Guide to Macs gives you all the low down. I send files neither stuffed nor zipped, anything needing the teddy bear treatment goes onto the web for download.

  10. Get a Mac, Gramps. Best things ever. All the applications I used while on Windows are available under OS X, except for Winamp.

  11. As per Cormac, but note it’s built on unix, so you can still get up a unix terminal and command line away.


    ps -aux

    kill -9 …..

    So much nicer than

    “Oh shit I have to hold the power button for a while to force my machine to reboot……again”

  12. A lot of people scream about Macs, but they have one inherent drawback. If I want to play with Linux, I just download it, and try it. But if I want to play around with a Mac I have to go out and buy a whole new computer.

    If I like the Mac, then that’s fine. But if I don’t, not only do I have a brand new computer cluttering up the place and a large hole in the pension, but I have herself chasing me with the frying pan again. It is safer to avoid them…..

    Can you load OS on a Remington?

  13. An elegant new iMac could never constitute clutter, or a nice 13″ MacBook. A hole in the pension, true, but it is worth it. The learning curve is not so steep, because it runs Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc., but the Mac is built on the “it just works” philosophy. You can always install Windows on it if you need Windows. I agree, that StuffIt stuff and some other aspects of “the Mac way” of doing things are unnecessary, but that’s less common now – I nearly always use zips and .tar.gz. If you haven’t used a Mac before, you should try one out in an O2 experience store, or somewhere. There are so many nice design features to iMac and MacBooks…

  14. It’s the cost of a Mac that I’m worried about. I downloaded Ubuntu and tomorrow, I will copy it onto a 3.5″ floppy so I can run it.

  15. The first time I downloaded Linux it cost me a fortunate. Had to dial up Telecom Internet at ~1p per min for 36 hours over the weekend, only the download was corrupt, so I had to repeat the process on peak on the Monday and Tuesday for ~4p per min… Good luck with Ubuntu, it is a nice distro.

  16. Ah! The joys of 3Mb broadband 🙂

    I’m a bit worried though that the floppy disk mightn’t be big enough.

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