The ride to end all rides — 16 Comments

  1. I’d say there’d be a few arms and legs lying around after?

    Anyway Failte Ireland will strip the tourists of all their cash before they even get to the cliffs, what with parking fees and the like.

  2. I think I’ll skip that ride. The Cliffs are beautiful, but the visitors’ center is certainly on the expensive side. Of course I’m not sure they’ve caught up yet with our American tourist attractions in the extreme sport of revenue gathering. Your “Ride to End All Rides” might do the job, but only if an inspector checks all pockets and purses carefully for hidden loot before the tourist is permitted to get on.

  3. Sounds excellent – not only a most unusual view of the cliffs but presumably also a most unusual view of the seabed, with no need for the additional trip-round-the-bay ticket.

    Just one thing worries me about the video – I trust no squirrels were harmed in the making of this film?

  4. Robert – You know the method [brown envelope, used notes , not from the Northern Bank]

    Marlys – The Irish are at this stage the world leaders in skimming off tourists. Like every other bad thing, we learned it from you lot 😉

    Grannymar – We are indifferent to colour, race [except Irish, of course] and creed.

    Nick – Of course they were. We had to make sure the idea worked.

  5. We did something similar to this when America was first colonized. Our model was modeled more after the trebuchet though. We did it to get those pesky indian savages off our new land. The problem with this method is now so many years later they are all trying to come back across to us… and they now call themselves Cubans…

  6. SID – You’re a genius. Now I have a plan for those inbred feckers in our neighbourhood this weekend.

    Er… the cats obviously. Not my human or canine neighbours.

  7. . . the Irish version of bungey jumping. Make it big enough and you can flick them clear across to England! *mmm. . .charge for the budget flight maybe!* Bags not to be the test pilot!

  8. I have some raccoons around my house that I would like to send on that ride. Testy little bastards like to come in through the cat door at night. And it could conveniently double as a nice means of revenge. Molotov cocktails are boring. More fun to launch a surly raccoon, badger, or hyena into your neighbor’s bedroom window at four in the morning.

    Those cliffs look mighty fine. Have any beautiful, hunted, and scarved Irish women run over them in a Buick?

  9. Will the tourists be allowed to carry parachutes or gliders on the ride? And will there be lawyers present to sign the wills or do the tourists need to get their own? 😉

    (Here via Blogrush)

  10. Fleiger – Parachutes? Gliders? What for? That would spoil the fun. Culling tourists is a necessary evil [and it was Dubya who started the latest round], but we might as well enjoy it as much as possible.

    Thanks for letting me know where you came from. I wondered if that yoke worked!

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