I have been rumbled and stumbled — 29 Comments

  1. Will you leave my poor server alone, with all the CIA, NSA, and other Law enforcement places monitoring it, you don’t need stumble upon to keep your traffic stats up!

  2. It’s a pretty cool deal. You can change your settings to show you random websites in categories you like. Then if you see one you like you can flag it for others to look at.

    It’s social surfing!

    God Bless America

  3. It seems to be quite popular all right. I must investigate it further….

    God Save Ireland from America

  4. Thanks, Donacha. You have made me happy, and the server very unhappy!

    Sneezy – Why? Are you stumbling among the brambles?

  5. Keep an eye on my blog, in a few days time I’ll be releasing a plugin that should take care of any server load .. 🙂

  6. If I stuttered, please forgive me. (may be dup comment.)

    @Donncha: I release plugins everyday.

  7. God Bless America.

    hmmmmmmm, I guess I have had my head shoved up my ass again by grandad!

  8. Okay…things should be getting back to normal now. And, seemingly, no one’s the wiser. No, no -pleased to do it.

    Wait ’til you see where you finish in November…

  9. Donncha – Don’t mind Sixty. He’s a senile fart from the States, and he has been mixing up his pills again. To understand his comment, you have to think along the lines of his younger cousin Twenty.

    Sixty – Stoppit you old fool. You are overdoing the blue pills again.
    [*rams Sixty’s head back up his arse*]

    Dan – They’re not. My log last night was 48Mb [that should give Sixty something to comment on..]. I’m getting warnings from my server now. But ‘pleased to do’ what? You have me confused.

  10. Stumble, people see your site, they make a comment and say they like it. People with similar interests get directed to your site when they hit the stumble button on the toolbar. Thats how I ended up here. Great blog! Keep it up.

  11. Thanks, Hennigan. It seems to work! I had more visitors in the first nine hours of today, than I’d normally get in two weeks!!

    And thanks! 🙂

  12. Stumble is how i found your site as well, and seeing as you are a perfect reminder of why i want to leave the states to travel europe I am going to become one of your ‘faithful few’. >which doesn’t seem to be so few any more!!!<

  13. Stumble seems to be a fairly powerful traffic getter! Since the beginning of the month it has referred around 16,000 visitors!!

    Welcome to the ‘faithful few’.

  14. Yeah. You’re doing pretty well there, I notice. I’m not sure it’s due entirely to StumbleUpon though. I think I might have signed up for them a while back and it didn’t have that effect for me, so you must be doing something else right.

  15. Hi Bock. I think it’s down to what I call the “Spice Girls Effect” – no substance, just flavour of the moment. I’ll be forgotten about in a few days time.

    The Stumble is behind it, all right. In the last week, I have had 18,000 visitors from Stumble alone. But on top of that, various other sites and fora have shoved in a lot of traffic.

    I did sign up with Stumble a long time ago, and then completely forgot about it. So it was nothing I did. Honest…..

  16. stumbleupon,  search “beer,” been doing this for past couple days, wound up here, didnt push the like button,
    was researching all grain brewing, history, random facts and co2 systems for cornelius keg draught set up, been homebrewing for 5 years, just curious, apologies if I attract more people, but you may see me around if you’ve got more on beer. Makin me want to take a vacation..

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