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  1. I would dearly love to find the person who comes up with these awards and give him a … (censored) a big bowl of ice-cream … the bollocks.

  2. That’s why I didn’t give you one, Daz. That, and the fact that you don’t have a blog any more.

    Don’t be such a f*cking cynic. Lighten up. Go smell the daisies.

  3. With all these awards and nominations your side bar is going to get a bit full! You might need to create a special awards page 🙂

  4. This award is pretty apt for today seeing as my skin is doing the best pizza impression I’ve seen in years. I hope I’m not up the duff.

    Thanks for the award, though I get the feeling I haven’t inherited the ‘I can try anything once and be really really good at it straight away!’ gene from you. Waxy beggar.

    I’m thinking of invading your premises tomorrow for Puppychild’s birthday by the way, if that’s alright with you.
    If you could disable the radioactive laser field at around 2ish that would be great.

  5. I hope I’m not up the duff.

    *Runs off in a panic for some more Prozac*

    I’ll give you a ring once you get off the line…..

  6. If you put all these awards up on the wall there will be no need for wallpaper1

    Enjoy the party!

  7. Bejesus, I’m flattered so I am, dead on, jesus joseph and mary etc etc. (Sure and yer man will never tell I’m from London). Thanks for that, Grandad, that’ll bring a few more punters through me portal. I’ll repay the compliment some time.

  8. Sounds fair enough to me. I’ll dig out some of those Northern Bank notes from under the mattress, the ones I was given for safekeeping by that chap in the balaclava at the end of 2004. That’ll see yer right.

  9. Why thank you Grandad. I loves balloons although I think I’m up for the Pedestrian Blog of the Year award as well!

  10. Nick – Thanks. I’ll add it to the other Northern Bank notes I already have [but can’t use].

    Baino – You’re welcome. Well deserved.

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