A choice between two terrorists — 12 Comments

  1. Two new readers!! Welcome Rosie and Nonny! 🙂

    Beard rash is not something I worry about. Anyway beard rash only comes from stubble, not my silky whiskers.

    Plaiting is an interesting concept. I just tried it. I’m now typing with one hand as the other is firmly knotted in my beard…..

    I’m not particularly worried about Puppychild’s idols. I will teach her to admire Che Guevarra. Hey! I’ll cut it to look like Che 😉

  2. Make it easy for Puppychild.

    Trim one half and leave the other side alone. That way she will learn there is more than one side to Grandad!

  3. I like Grannymar’s suggestion!

    Also, you can always suggest to Puppychild to be present while you trim it. If she starts to scream as you start trimming, just stop and take one step at the time.

  4. Wow, I’m fascinated by your self confessed comparison to Osama Bin Laden. You do indeed have many common attributes. Any chance I could turn you in and collect that massive ransom? We could do a deal – 50/50 split….we can deny it a years time after we’ve stashed away all the loot!

  5. Grannymar – An ingenious solution. That way, one side profile would look like Adams and the other would look like bin Laden. No thanks.

    Jelena – Do you want me to reduce my granddaughter to a nervous wreck? “Gwandad is cutting off his face. Ahhhhhh!”

    John – Where have you been? I was waiting for that suggestion. Knowing you, you’d run off with the money. Anyway they’d ‘accidentally’ shoot me. No chance.

  6. Best suggestion yet, Ian. And the more beard I have, the more Guinness I can absorb into it for later use.

  7. On seeing Bin Laden’s latest video,you would have thought someone would have told him to go easy on the Just for Men.

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