Eurovision Mincing Contest — 16 Comments

  1. Last night’s TV was awful. Worse than Graham Norton, there was a real old queen on a BBC 4 programme about gays in the British forces during WWII. I have gay friends who cringe at such stuff. Having struggled for years for equality, they hate camp behaviour.

    I eventually switched to Classic FM and found Katherine Jenkins and the Fron Male Voice Choir at the Albert Hall singing ‘World in Union’, which calmed the nerves!

  2. GN even gives camp a bad name. We just switched off and had a quiet conversation on how to go about overthrowing the government.

    I like Classic FM though. It’s my radio station of choice during the day.

  3. Nancy – If I told you how I really feel, the screen would probably melt.

    To me, he’s like a tapeworm. I wonder how in the name of God he got there, and I feel sick when I see him.

  4. Grandad,

    You reminded me of something with your comment.

    Do you remember the three Stooges ordering in the restaurant?

    Moe: “Give me ham and eggs”

    Curly:”Give me two rotten eggs and a piece of burnt toast. I have a tapeworm and that’s good enough for him.”

  5. Better than Classic FM radio, it was Ms Jenkins on Classic FM TV!

    I bought a satellite dish and receiver in Power City and we now have our own satellite TV without paying SKY/NTL/Chorus or whoever, anything

  6. We switch back to the terrestrial ariel for the Irish channels.

    Our startling discovery in the summer was Al Jazeera’s English service. It is formated like BBC News 24 or CNN, has presenters with polished English accents, and includes David Frost in it line up.

    Graham Norton’s beneficial effect is that he forces you to channel surf!

  7. Hah! Can’t get terrestrial RTE here!!!!

    GN’s only beneficial effect is that he provides the zero reference point in the gene pool.

  8. Aw bugger . . .we won’t get Outnumbered until it’s on its 3rd re run and the ABC can afford it. They’re still playing Benny Hill and Are you Being Served. TV is one of the reasons I blog . . it’s shite.

  9. ‘Outnumbered’ is worth waiting for. But if you are still seeing Benny Hill you are doubtless being spared the glory of GN. Be thankful for BIG mercies…

  10. Tommy Tiernan in relation to GN and similarly cringe worthy Irish exports: Years ago the British had us build the country for them. Now they want us to decorate it too?

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