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  1. Grandad,

    Maybe you should have Sandy sign up for Facebook for Canines.

    I was on that site the other day and I saw that the late
    Leona Helmsley’s dog was advertising for a companion.

    This is the same dog that Leona bequeathed $12 million.
    The Bichon is verrrrrry rich but lonely.

    Oh, Sandy ……………………

  2. Grannymar – I don’t mind being poked [within reason] but I’m too shy to poke anyone else. It’s rude to poke [or so my Mammy always said].

    Nancy – You might have something there! The only problem is that our Sandy is already married. She is married to Bruno. He’s a stuffed dog, but no one has told her that yet.

  3. That is nasty!

    I often thought about getting Herself stuffed. Less nagging. But I would have no one to put out the bins and wash the car then.

  4. Grandad, I’m very very sorry about the WAYN thing… It automatically sent out the email to everyone!

    Again my apologies. I ask for your forgivness…

    Though I’m glad to see there will be less tourists now….

  5. Hey, John. Don’t apologise. No problem. You are more than forgiven – You are now an honourary member of the Irish Rifle Association [incorporated with the Irish Society for Hunting Tourists]

  6. The Irish Rifle Association!?!??
    Would that be the IRA?
    or maybe you spelling it in Irish…
    then maybe it would be UDA?

  7. The IRA has absolutely nothing to do with the IRA. The IRA is, quite rightly, an illegal organisation of terrorists. Whereas the IRA are a group of people out for a quiet bit of afternoon’s sport.

  8. Oh well if I do give in and join at least I’ll know you. Like the new site, Ron is fab very talented.

  9. DON’T DO IT, Flirty! You have so much to live for. Think of those who would miss you. Just take it from me – Facebook is strange. Ever see that film Labyrinth???

    Thanks for the compliment. I managed to do it myself, because Ron has gone AWOL. Last I heard, he is living under a beach hut in Thailand.

    Where have you been lately? You’ve been very quiet?

  10. Unsocial?

    I go away for a month and the lovely picture you had of the nice countryside that lent a Prozac touch to even the most vehement of posts has been replaced by a photomontage of an English city centre on a Saturday night.

    I can tell that Ron is away, he would have gone for something much more soporific!

  11. Hello Ian,

    I missed your commentary recently. Happy you are back in the Head Rambles fold.

    So, you were on holiday? Hope you had a nice rest.

  12. Have to admit, I’m very thankful to be an hounourary member of the IRA but I’m afraid I currently lack a rifle – however, would my crossbow count until I can obtain sufficient funds?;)

  13. I started Facebook so that I can link with ClareBear whilst she’s travelling . . .who’s first on my friends list . . .Brianf . . . Then I’m throwing Haggis at JD and answering your silly questions . . .I’ve been turned into a Werewolf (very handsome one actually) had my mood published, been embarrassed because I don’t know half the cities in the world but have connected with my niece in Melbourne and my Nephew in London so it’s not all bad. But I’m with you on poking. That’s a bit rude. I’d rather give a raspberry 😛

  14. John – Like most clubs, the title is just that. Rifles are the weapon of choice, but crossbows are widely used. We have a few long-bow aficionados too. We tend to frown on bear traps and landmines, unless placed in a tourist only area and they have to be well signposted [in Irish].

    Baino – My questions are not silly. They are deeply profound. Brianf and JD tend to be the worst offenders for sending me things. I’m trying to find how to send them a half kiloton nuclear device.

  15. I joined facebook to keep in touch with the one person I know who uses it. Same with MSN messenger. Same with frickin Bebo. I have vasriations on the same username / password for all 3 and i always forget them.

    Why doesnt’ everyone just use skype?!

  16. Hi OFTR. You only have one friend?

    Never mind. You can poke me sometime.. 😉

    Seriously though, I agree about Skype. But unfortunately it’s only really useful if you have broadband, and half the people in the Godforsaken country don’t.

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