The rise of the Libertarians — 13 Comments

  1. OMG!

    You as Taoiseach and my Elly wants to be President!

    Hail glorious St Patrick come back if you can,
    The country is sinking, with rats, snakes and man….

  2. What’s wrong with me as Taoiseach? I couldn’t be any worse that that eejit who’s there at the moment.

    If Elly becomes president, she’ll have to change her name to Mary. It’s tradition.

  3. Taoiseach,Taoiseach!
    I don’t get you Irish folk. Why do need to shake your Tea and why do you elect someone to do it for you?
    Take a bit of tea, put it in a tea ball and drop it in your tea pot. Pretty easy if you ask me and there is no need to shake it at all.
    Taoiseach indeed!

  4. Listen, Sunshine… We may give him a weird name, but at least he doesn’t go around proclaiming himself “Leader of the Free World”.

    Our Bertie knows his place – propping up the bar in Drumcondra. I just wish he’d stay there.

  5. Grandad, I did my motherly duty for Elly.

    I have no intention of paying export duty as well.

  6. Part of the problem for the HSE is that if we let the health professionals run the health service they could spend 5 times as much with no guarantee of any improvement in the service.

  7. Dan – I’m not saying the HSE should be abolished altogether. It should be overhauled. The problem with a bureaucratic management system is that it tends to absorb a disproportionate amount of the funds intended for the function it is supposed to manage.
    How come all these billions are being pumped into the system, yet we still have a situation where we constantly hear of ‘lack of funds’ as an excuse for deficiency?

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