Irish Blogs reinvents the wheel — 12 Comments

  1. They have made it nigh impossible to read. Pity. It was usually one of my regular sites to visit.

    I would love to see their stats before and after!

  2. It’s horrific!

    I’m a bit too tired to delve into it this evening, but I am not impressed with the latest iteration


  3. Someone should have a word with them. I find it virtually unreadable. The blog post font is too small and cramped, and that is supposed to be their primary content.

  4. I agree with everyone on this. It’s gone from being a great and very useful site to something like I don’t know what. Did they indicate why and what they are all at?

  5. Hi Steve,

    I’m sure Michele will be amused by your comment! 😉 [see his comment above – quote – “It’s horrific!”].

    I’m not sure who is running it but they should be told. Or shot.

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