The death of Head Rambles — 30 Comments

  1. It is hard to find a theme that is for sure. One problem with blogs is that there is almost an endless list of features, widgets and whatnot that can be added and removed. That makes it very hard to keep it consistent. There is an irresistible urge to tinker with it!

  2. I’m sick of those two f*ckers wandering along that path!

    Maybe I’ll tweak the colours. Maybe I’ll find a better template. Maybe I’ll move away from WordPress. Maybe I’ll emigrate…….

  3. Yeah! Kill it. Make a video of it being killed. Then post the video on your b… Oh. That won’t work. Ya may leave it as it is then.

  4. ‘I’m sick of those two f*ckers wandering along that path! ‘

    Maybe add a set of crosshairs to one of them. They look like tourists anyway. That’d be more like Grandad.
    If you’re unhappy about the layout, change it, but whatever you do DON’T stop writing it. The layout of a blog is the least important part, It’s substance I go for. It could be a plain white background with 12pt Times New Roman script, but I would still read it and think no less of it.

  5. I vote the wanderers meet the sunset.

    Fresh new colour scheme sounds good.

    Why not put your mug shot on the top, then we’ll have something to throw the tomatoes at.

    ♫ ♫ ♫ Please don’t go, ♫ ♫ ♫

    ♫ ♫ ♫ We love you don’t go…. ♫ ♫ ♫

  6. Primal – Maybe I could prime it so that when someone visits it, their PC would explode? That way they would get the full effect?

    B3n – I like the idea of crosshairs..!? Or maybe replace them with a couple of blood stained corpses? Sometime, when I have a chance, I might mess around……….

    Grannymar – You have a lovely singing voice. I suppose you have a point about Herself and K8. I can’t leave them unescorted in this vile den of iniquity.

    I can’t ask Ron for advice. He has disappeared. I’m all on my own, frantically trying to cover all his workload. I think Dick is getting suspicious.

  7. How about a holiday? That’ll sort you out. Your winnings from Tralee should just about fund it. And when you get back your ‘Rose’ pic would make a smashing new header to fire tomatoes at!

  8. Two words for you Grandad


    Some fool with less talent will give you a couple hundred euros to take credit for the writing

  9. Steph – I mentioned the other day that I was looking for a sponsor for a holiday. Don’t rub salt in the wound. Rose picture is a possibility, but if I stretch it out to the full width, it’ll make me look fat.

    Sean – D’you think it’s worth that much? Wow!

  10. You can’t kill it!!!
    I’ve just found it and spend quiet periods in work reading it and i really enjoy it. It’s my tonic for the day…don’t kill it.

  11. Hi Lena, and welcome.

    Sorry – your comment ended up in the wrong place. Does that make you change your mind?

    I suppose if I’m doing something important, like taking people away from their work, then I’m serving a useful purpose….?

  12. Put it on EBAY with a Minimum price if no one gets there then its still your blog if they do then you can return in disguise and make catty comments about how the quality of the writing has been suffering lol

  13. No!!!!! Don’t leave us, Grandad! You give us all hope in this enamoured digital worrld, we call the blogosphere!

    Besides, who’d entertain us with stories of knocking off terrorist (I mean tourist)? 🙂

  14. Sean – Suppose the new owner is a better writer?

    Robert – Read the Fianna Fail manifesto

    Jefferson – There is hope in the enamelled Blogosphere? I don’t think so.

  15. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    Although maybe change the image, those walkers are starting to bug me to. Ask Ron he did an amazing job of mine and still hasn’t been properly thanked. I really need his address.

  16. Flirty – I take it that’s a no? At last, someone else agrees about those walkers!

    Ron has gone AWOL since I shot him. We don’t know whether he has crawled away to die, or just gone off in a huff. Probably the latter. Why do you need his address to thank him properly? Or shouldn’t I ask? Should I be jealous?

  17. Don’t you dare go off the air. Just have a facelift. And don’t kill it, just start a new one. I like to go back occasionally and look at the older posts. Daz killed his and I miss the Angry Dome. It was a chronicle of his uni year – now vapourised. Such a shame.

  18. I’m not going to lick your ass and wax lyrical faeces about your talent; you know what I think already.

    Simple fact is that I personally have never been happier since I twisted the knife on my blogs. I have a new lease on life. My circumstances are about fifty years different to yours though, so do what you think is right. That’s what I did.

    The other people here wouldn’t let you kill it, but at the end of the day, are you going to let the readers boss you about??
    Happy choice-making.

  19. Well Grandad not that you are all that good a writer but I imagine if the person who purchased your blog was a better writer he would have no need to buy some one elses work therefor it is highly unlikely that the purchaser would be much of a writer. Perhaps you could get a job with him after the ownership transfer ghost writing the blog so the work wouldnt suffer.

    By the way I am with the rest I dont want you to quit writing I just assumed you would start a new and improved blog where I could post my nonsensical verbiage

  20. Actually, I had no intention of killing off blogging. Head Rambles is here to stay, if for nothing else than to prove that insanity rules.

    I was contemplating whether to move away from WordPress, or to redesign the existing site. I think there seems to be a general consensus that the site could do with a facelift.

    In the absence of Ron though, I am stuck. So a redesign is on the cards, but you will all have to wait!

    I look forward to getting rid of those two on the top though……

  21. She is. But she’s too interested in pistols and astrophysics at the moment to be bothered.

  22. Personally, I think the design of your blog is charming. “Glitzy” may be in (especially here in the U.S.A.), but it’s the words that count!

    Seniorwriter of “Never too Late!” and “Write your Life!”

  23. Thanks for the vote, Marlys, but I think you are outnumbered! 🙂

    I liked the design originally, but my content is hardly charming… I was thinking of slightly less depressing colours [without going luminous] and a slightly revised layout. Another big problem is that I would like the width to be fluid rather than fixed, as it is at the moment. That in itself isn’t too big a problem, but the banner image is. I will have to come up with a design that will stretch with the site.

    Maybe the words will improve too?

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