The most insane story of the week? — 17 Comments

  1. Incredible.

    Blackbirds I don’t mind but Starlings. There are at least 30 of them in our back garden and neighbours. They make some racket every morning and evening but calling the authorities to complain about it never entered my head.

    I would feel pretty stupid ringing up the local garda station to complain about birds in the garden. That’s what makes it even more ridiculous when someone does complain to the authorities and they actually try to do something about it.

  2. Grandad the BBC sent someone along to hear and record the birdsong. Guess what? There were no birds about and not a note to be heard.

    I dislike the Starlings. My neighbour had them under the roof tiles a few years back, a very messy experience. It was only then I discovered that they produced young three times in any one year.

  3. Starlings can be mildly irritating at times, but blackbirds and thrushes? I love the song of a blackbird.

    Did the council ask her to turn their volume down? Was she supposed to shoot them? Remove her trees? Go running around the garden in her underwear to frighten them off?

    What did the neighbours prefer? Burglar alarms? Police sirens?

    The mind boggles…..

  4. Grannymar – Blackbirds are very intelligent. They weren’t going to sing unless they had a contract, with repeat fees.

  5. I’d ram the neighbours’ iPods up their backsides and play Status Quo at them at full volume for a week.

    And that’d be good for your colon …

  6. We used to have a thrush that sang all night – there was a street light that confused him…

    Maybe if the blackbirds just turned down the volume a bit, it would be more acceptable. It is, after all is said and done, very inconsiderate of the birds to sit in trees in what is mankinds domain.

  7. Grandad,

    Maybe the Blackbird’s agent could book the “Birds” into that big old tree in your garden and they could sing “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old folks tree,And in 3 long years will they still want me?”

    Say, Now that I think of it, when is that Song Contest, anyway? I think the “Birds” just might win!

  8. Maybe if the blackbirds just turned down the volume a bit, it would be more acceptable.

    You’ll have to talk to their union about that.

  9. Ian,

    Level with me here. Do you think the “Yardbirds” really have a shot at winning the European Song Contest?

  10. In my book they would win any song contest. They can call themselves the Byrds.

    B3n – You’re a callous b*st*rd. Unless it’s to dispatch the neighbours?

  11. That’s exactly what I meant Grandad, I’m a vegetarian, I don’t believe in hurting any living thing, except wasps.

  12. … and tourists. You’re like myself B3n.

    I like your Estonian flag. Tried phoning a local call centre? – I bet they are all Irish working there!!

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