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  1. How on earth do you find the time to blog, podcast, attend forums, Skype, work from home and shoot tourists. It’s the most I can do to post every day?

  2. I just do them one at a time.

    I don’t do much foruming these days.

    And you left out gardening. The sun is actually shining so I think I’ll go out and hack down some trees [all to help the global warming process].

  3. You heard the saying ‘Every face tells a story’

    Well when you get to our age it tells a WHOLE BOOK!

  4. I love hacking down trees. (Nearly as much as shooting tourists). I was employee of the month three times when I worked for the Sahara Forest Lumber Company.

  5. Grannymar – Mine is covered in hair so no one can read it. I’m anonymous…

    Sneezy – Nothing beats the tourists. Trees are fun. I did a couple of weeks myself in the Gobi Forest.

  6. I’m motivated now. But I’ll stick with branches to start and work up to trees.

    My wife made me quit facebook a couple years ago because all these sweet young things wanted to be my friend. sxxy4u, hot2trot, luv2B8, 69_4ever. They seemed real friendly and seemed to want virtual poke.

  7. Grandad,

    Excuse me for going off subject but, have you heard from Dario? I miss his comments and hope he is all right.

    I have no idea about Facebook but you have interested me so I guess I’ll have to go there and see if there are any other people who remember my old crowd from Basil like Peter the hermit and Walter the penniless, those wild and crazy guys!!!

  8. 60 – Start with the trees. You then have to hack the branches off them once they’ve fallen and you don’t want to tire yourself too soon.

    So there is totty in Facebook? Woops! And me a married man [or so Herself keeps reminding me].

    Nancy – Dario is fine. He has given up blogging. He may come back to it in the future, but I have been in touch with him in the meantime.

    If you join Facebook Nancy, are you going to have a name like sxxy4u, hot2trot or luv2B8??

  9. Ian – I just found you lurking in my Spam folder. What are you doing in there???

    My mother was a great Dr Finlay fan. Was he in Facebook?

  10. I’m not dead baby, I’m just … eh … having a break.

    Have a break, have a Kit-Kat.

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