A little journey — 13 Comments

  1. Ask K8. She might have had a bit of a party while you were away on your hols’. 🙂

  2. You obviously had a fall in the magic mushroom patch. Must have been a trip, I know of NO version of Windows anywhere in this universe or in the infinite number of parallel universes that works properly.

  3. You obviously haven’t been to that planet. I can’t tell you its name, because it didn’t have one. You don’t need words for things when you use mind reading.

  4. Very Star Trek indeed. Did you forget the pills yesterday morning? Or maybe the fried egg with yesterdays breakfast was a little too runny? No need to worrt though, whent he aliens start asking for your credit card number you know you’re in trouble!

  5. You claimed that you checked to see if there were marks on your lawn that weren’t there.
    So on Tuesday did you walk out back and look at the lawn and think or say, “Yep! There are no marks on my lawn that will be there tomorrow.”? or
    Did you in fact go out back, see the marks and your brain decided that since you didn’t yet have the so-called ‘dream’ it merely swept any reference to the marks right out the kitchen door of your brain?

  6. Sh*t!! You’re right Brianf. They must have given me the power to move about in time. So maybe it wasn’t a dream?

  7. I wouldn’t have thought of Microsoft Windows in a technologically advanced world, a MAc would have done justice :p

  8. I don’t know the story on that Aby. Maybe they were just showing me an equivalent that worked. The concept of The Blue Screen of Death utterly confused them. But then, so did the concept of Bertie Ahern.

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