Strange days — 16 Comments

  1. That big storm didn’t just affect England that time. It was particularly devastating here as well. Of course I was nowhere even close to being born at that time but at home we have lots of pictures of the damage that was done.

    If I can find the time (and a scanner!) I might post them on my own site some time. They are pretty interesting. The storm itself totally devastated the caravan parks in Youghal and around. There was massive damage done to the sea wall on the light house hill (the main road from Cork to Waterford at the time) and it was powerful enough to break the two navigation buoys out in the bay from their moorings and wash them up into a small beach in the town.

  2. @Robert – The more I hear about that storm, the bigger it gets! The bloke I wrote to says he is going to put my photos up on the Web. You’ll see mine, now let’s see yours 😉

    @Grannymar – It’s just a slitting headache now. Don’t you be going giving us frights like that again!!

  3. You see it’s not the drops that get ya’ but the large glasses that hold an entire pint.

  4. Brianf. At the risk of repeating myself, the last pint I had was on my holiday the other week. Maybe there was something in the coffee?

  5. Don’t tell me you’re on that ‘Cork White’ again, Grandad?

    I hope you’ve laid in a bloody good supply of it, anyway!

  6. Cork White? Wassat? Gin and milk? [runs to jax and throws up] Yech!

    No. Nothing stronger than Green Label, dammit.

  7. Grandad,

    The flood website is excellent.

    I particularly like mention of the traffic warden on Page 16 – would you find that devotion to public service nowadays? Never concerned with his own life, he carried on regardless, that’s the real old British stiff upper lip for you.

  8. Heh! 🙂 We could do with him in the village to clamp a few SUVs!!

    It is a good website all right. He has put a lot of work into it.

  9. This is a massive post, da! I was wondering when you were going to tell that story. You must’ve been bricking it when you first felt the effect…

  10. I feel hungover today and I didn’t touch a drop last night either.

    Just 5 pints of lager.

  11. @K8 – What are you on about? First felt the effect? Massive post?

    @Johnny – Welcome! That’s what you get from drinking out of damp glasses.

    P.S. When am I being invited over to join the podcast?

  12. Please post those pics Grandad. I would love to see them. A cousin of mine was just caught up in the recent flooding in Sheffield. He had to spen the night at his work. What a bummer!! Luckily he had just flown back from Dublin and had an overnight bag with him.

  13. Oh Bugger!! It looks like I’m going to have to do a blog post about that storm.

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