Charity links — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for taking part Granda – couldn’t stop laughing at your opening paragraph.

    Very interesting post on why you selected these charities to link too.

  2. No problem, Gavin.

    One thing that always strikes me about these lists is that people never give the stories behind their answers.

    Typical scenario – someone listing “10 thing you never knew about me” and they say “I have spent a night in a maximum security cell”. Why? What have they done? Was it an experiment? Are they an axe murderer? Had they nowhere else to sleep?

    I just thought I would break the trend and give reasons. It’s only fair.

  3. In other words, you don’t subscribe to charities – yiz tight arsed owld sh*te.

    I knew you’d chicken out. Even on a good cause.

    Go on. Break the habit of a lifetime. 😉

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