Law and order will be restored — 10 Comments

  1. What do you mean “you were gone”? Did you not notice the drastic drop in quality of Interweb content?

    Thanks for the mention the other day BTW. Nice of you. Though you would have to direct people this way just when my server tries to take things into its own hands!

  2. Good to have you back Grandad. T’internet needs a firm hand and a good clip round the ears to get back on track. Just look what happened to Mulley while you were frolicing in the west.

  3. Now that you mention it, I have noticed the interweb was running with scissors and crossing the street without looking both ways this past week.

  4. Thanks, Swiss Job.

    Frankly Mulley took the wrong path. There is no point in writing e-mails or making phone calls. This called for direct action. OK, there might be some collateral damage from the nuclear fallout, but they wouldn’t bother him again.

    It looks like I won’t be able to go on holidays for quite some time in the future, unless people start behaving themselves in my absence.

  5. True, I find the “smart” bomb approach is the best option. Bascially drop shedloads of ordinance on their office and then call is smart afterwards!!

  6. drop shedloads of ordinance on their office and then call is smart afterwards

    Always works for me.

  7. “I only got drunk once, from Sunday to Thursday morning”

    Do you remember Dean Martin’s favorite saying?

    “I feel sorry for a man who doesn’t drink. When he gets up in the morning, that’s as good as he’s gonna feel all day.”

    Welcome back!

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