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  1. Colaiste na Rinne brings back memories. Never went there but when my parents were considering Gaeltacht trips it was always a possible. I was luckily shipped off to Spideal in Galway. The stories coming out of “The Ring” were frightening!

  2. You had a narrow escape! It was a very frightening place for a ten year old.

    I was once beaten so badly by a teacher that the headmaster had to come in and haul him off me. What was surreal was that noone ever told me what the beating was for!

    The irony is that I came out a fluent Irish speaker. I have never used the language since, and can’t speak it now to save my life.

  3. You are bringing memories flooding back to me now. Although I was a day pupil at a boarding school, we used to have a dessert on every Wednesday I think. Anyway it was ordinary bread and butter pudding but it was affectionately known as “Brain Damage”.

    Anyone who recognises that will now know which school I went too!

  4. Grandad,

    I went to a boarding school run by Christian fundamentalists on Dartmoor. They used to buy catering stuff produced by a company called Consort, the food physically resembled the genuine article, unfortunately the taste did not. The taste I remember most was the sour vinegar taste of the baked beans.

    The Vindaloo went out of Irish politics when Joe Higgins lost his seat. I had no time for his Trotskyite policies, but he was a man of integrity.

  5. Was all boarding school food the same?

    And I’m thinking of starting a political party with a flavour somewhere in the region of Chilli Con Carne. Anyone want to join?

  6. The only problem when comparing a politics to a curry is that you must not forget, that as with curry, “What goes in hot, comes out even hotter”!

  7. 🙂

    True. But politics needs a bit of spicing up [not sexing up – look where that got Blair!].

    Now that the Greens Yellows are dead and gone, all we have left is the sludge in the middle.

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