Worker – know your place — 15 Comments

  1. Leave the case and bring a step ladder. Then you can bring things to a higher level!

  2. She has a plaque on the mantelpiece –

    “Behind every successful man there is an exhausted woman”

  3. Grandad fire yourself and then take a a case for wrongful dismisal against yourself in front of the labour relations board. then file for an extension on the deadlines because of labour strife. and then you can go off to a posh hotel for a negotiation confernce and write the whole thing off.

  4. as the boss threaten your staff with pay cuts if tey don’t return to work….as staff insist on an international intermediary..

  5. As always, The Boss won. I’m allowing myself to knock off early today. Only half-five! I’m such a generous boss.

  6. Sean – You’ll really have to get out of the spamming business. You keep ending up in my spam trap!! Flirty got out, so you can too.

    But that is a damn good idea. I’m feeling very resentful towards me after I have forced me to work on a Sunday, so I may well go down that route.

    I think both of me could do with a holiday!

  7. Grannymar said”Behind every successful man you will find a woman”

    Bill and Hillary Clinton were driving through Arkansas one day during his Presidency and they stopped for gasoline. The fellow pumping the gas looked at her and said,”Hillary,hello. Nice to see you again.”, and he gave her a big hug.
    As Bill and Hillary drove off, Bill asked,”Who was that guy?” Hillary said, “That was Ted, I’ve told you about him. We were almost engaged at one time.”

    They drove a bit further and Bill said,”Just think,Hil,if you had married Ted you would be back there pumping gas.”

    Hillary smiled and said ,
    ” No, Bill, If I had married Ted, he’d be President of the United States.”

  8. There’s more than a grain of truth to that Nancy! Though I doubt if I had married Hillary, I’d have ended up as president!!

  9. No Caro. I blame Herself. I tried to explain that a pension is not quite the same thing as a salary, so she told me I had to go back to work. I do as I’m told 🙁

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