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  1. I posted on this too … the people of this country really need a serious fucking kick up the arse. They’re idiots with a bit of cash and they credit FF for that. I am a child of the Celtic Tiger, and I don’t see how anyone could have fucked that up, but by God FF tried.

    They have ruined our health service, took more bribes than an Italian football referee, and lied continuously even when it has been proven that they weren’t telling the truth.

    If I could give one reason for wanting to go to Malta/England next year, asides from the college end of it, it would have to be the melancholic thought of five more years of having that grinning little shitbag Ahern in power.

    Get me my sniper rifle, I’ve hunting to do.

  2. I am not listening to the radio or watching TV. I did so this morning and immediately felt ill. And that is frightening. I don’t want to be sick, I can’t afford it. It costs 50 euros just to SEE a GP – and she will only tell me there is no cure for this, it is an allergic reaction and I will have to live with it for Five Whole Years. Daily. Unless i would like to emigrate (again). That’s one hell of a prescription ….
    (Back to a previous unanswered question: Anyone know the way to Utopia???)

  3. Monique – you are doing well to find a GP for 50!!

    Can we count on you to support the revolution?

  4. It just goes to show that most people in this country couldn’t give a rats arse about anything other than themselves once things are going well for them. They don’t seem to like change. Promlem is that change is inevitable in the next few years.

    From watching the coverage I am in utter disbelief. Still at least McDowell looks like getting his comeuppance but that is a very very poor consolation.

  5. Interestingly I heard that Bertie might not be Taoiseach for long. to be honest I can’t see him standing down now myself. And Willie O’Dea! sweet jesus I’m really regretting not staying in Vienna now.

  6. @Grandad: You betcha!! (Revolution). And you just spoiled my dinner with that last bit of PD news, thanks!
    @ Robert: totally agree with what you say. And yes, change is coming. And still it is the “little people” who will be most hurt. Especially people paying 1700 p.m. (and rising) on 40-year mortgages for 1-bed shoe-box (yes, cardboard-walled) city apartments you couldnt build a life in….you are lucky if you even manage to get a night’s sleep in them….which they wont be able to sell because of negative equity.

  7. Gents, I really don’t want to stick my nose into this, as I have no right to. But, we are even bigger ejits. We elected Bush, not once, but TWICE. And, I’m quite sure that if he were allowed to run again, the people/ cretins would re-elect him! What’s wrong with today’s society?

    Stupidity is running rampant!

    I’ll say a wee prayer for you all, as long as you do the same for us. 🙂

  8. Yes stupidity does run rampant here as demonstrated by JD’s last comment.

    Hey didn’t Thin Lizzy do a song about yesrerdays election?
    The Berties back in town

  9. Irish bloggers must be the only people who didn’t vote for FF…cuz the rest of the country did…

    I dunno. I don’t hate them as much as the rest of ye. I don’t like them all too much, but i dont have the rage.

    I might hand in my Irish Bloggers badge.

  10. I don’t hate FF – just the ones that came out of the “Charlie Haughy School of Economics”. Unfortunately, most of the top boyos fall into that class.

    I used to be quite a fan of Jack Lynch!!

  11. Now I understand why my US pals wanted to -and some did- leave the US after Bush got elected. The highest first preference returns are crooks except perhaps for WOD. So we love crooks in power. Can you imagine what it’s like to be an FG’r tonight? Sick as a parrot wouldn’t describe it. They must have lost the will to live.

  12. Ah yes, the “Real Taoiseach”. He smoked a pipe too, didn’t he? 😉

  13. Grandad, sign me up for the revolution, I’ve had to stop watching the telly because I was going to start throwing things. After a day spent trying to get my little girl treated in A&E I’m spitting feathers.

    How is it that I can’t find anyone who says they voted for FF? Not a single person I’ve spoken to says they gave them a single vote and yet they have this huge majority.

    Maybe they just see the murder in my eyes and are afraid to admit it 😀

  14. @ Skellig If you look at it properly it is a triumph for Fine Gael. They have repaired the damage from the last general election.

    It was almost guaranteed from the outset that it would be a FF government this time out but the ground made up more than makes up for it.

    Also it is a major success in that the PD’s are pretty much yesterdays news. Mad Mullah McDowell has retired much to almost every serving Garda’s relief.

    OK we still have the grotesquely obese outgoing Minister for health but we can’t have everything. Can we? At least she will no longer be the minister for Health.

  15. Grandad,

    I wrote a disastrously wrong blog a few weeks ago on the strange death of Fianna Fail. I actually thought that they would lose votes to Fine Gael on the right and Sinn Fein on the left and that they would find themselves with no niche.

    What has happened is that the two wings of politics have collapsed – Sinn Fein on the left and the PDs on the right and that there is a squabble for votes in the centre.

    From a spectator’s point of view it’s interesting. I think it happened not because of any political convictions but because there is an air of uncertainty in the economy and incumbent governments are seen as providing a safe pair of hands

  16. Ian,
    I think we all had the same predictions, and we were wrong.

    All I can see now is a period of instability. Whoever ends up in power is going to have to rely on small parties and independents. The Greens must be laughing. I know Tony Gregory was!

    Want to join the revolution I’m organising?

  17. I have some fairly revolting habits, drinking from the milk bottle and putting it back into the fridge, etc.

    Would they do for starting a revolution?

  18. If you see my latest post and its comments… I’m looking for a Minister for Health.

  19. Now you know how I felt when George W. was voted back in office.

    At least here there is a two term limit for the President.

  20. i’m with fox mulder, the truth is out there ,i will join the revolution got no gun but got hurley sticks….name the time and we’ll be there[i got friends ]TRUST NO ONE…………

  21. Don’t worry about the hurley sticks – that’s how I got my first gun-training as a kid [“DAR DAR – Your’e dead”!!]

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