All aboard the Skylark — 20 Comments

  1. “Grainuaile” was one of my options but I had to drop it because Irish Lights got there first.

    I don’t worry about their prices because I bring a portable barbecue.

  2. Yup. St.Patrick in ’82, St. Killian in ’90 and the Normandie last year. Great craic apart from the link above [the ‘nice’ article!].

  3. I was meant to go on the St. Killian – it went on fire or something like that. I prefer boats to planes personally – can’t really cause a terrorist attack with a boat:

    ‘Oh no, it’s slowly approaching!

  4. How about, “The really big boat that travels from Ireland to france really, really quickly”, and right underneath it they could write it in french too.

  5. How about, “The really big boat that travels from Ireland to france really, really quicklyâ€?

    Good. But they wanted luxury in it too so it would have to be

    “The really big boat that travels from Ireland to france really, really quickly and in great luxury, with no bumps, and that comes back againâ€?

  6. Best of luck on the trip. Under no circumstances watch Titanic before you go – for a variety of reasons.

  7. ‘The glowing hermaphrodite’

    What with all the sellafield/sewage dumpings and little fishes changing sexes it would be kind of apt, and very pretty sounding too.

    No? Ok then.

  8. Irish Ferries. The people who tried to register their boat in Eastern Europe so they could pay their workers the going rate in a third world country. This despite their handsome, 10mEuro plus annual profits. What a horrible, exploitative, greedy company.

  9. come on old timer: principals…there’s always ryanair…on second thoughts, have you considered the benefits of touring at home?

    -expensive accomadation
    -unpredictable weather
    -traffic chaos!

    we can’t win! but seriously. i hate what they stand for.

  10. Grandad,

    So that you and herself can get out of the car now, I will suggest a name for the ferry boat.

    It’s both French and Irish.

    Call it:

    The Jean Claude Kelly

  11. C’mon PP – how would you get from Rosslare to France with a car? And they don’t allow me smoke here!

    Nancy – The Jean Claude van Damn?

    Sneezy – Bugger! Why didn’t I think of that?

  12. From what I can remember of Irish Ferries, it’s probably not a bad idea to go to the toilet before you get on, anyway… 😮

    How about Le Bateau Moche?

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