Easter Rising and Floating — 8 Comments

  1. Grandad moving Christmas would mean the profit fest would last all year.

    Do they have a parade on Easter Sunday in Dublin nowadays?

    I remember seeing one in O’Connell St when I was young. I think it was supposed to be a display of our Military Might!

    Are the recruits in the Irish Navy still given a uniform and a bicycle?

  2. Well, they are doing their damndest to make it last all year anyway.

    I know they have wreath laying ceremonies. I presume Ian P has been invited to attend this year?

    I doubt there’d be a parade, because both our troops are abroad being shot at in the name of peace.

    As for the navy – the only navy in the world where you go home for dinner – I doubt they could sail that up O’Connell Street.

    But there again, after the usual Saturday night binge drinking our youth is so fond of, O’Connell Street is normally awash with puke, blood, pee and spilled drink on a Sunday morning. So maybe they can sail up the street?

  3. We have some distant relative who blew himself up – way to go – while assembling a bomb for the old IRA. Dad loves all that pomp today.
    And we can’t have Easter when the first transect of Venus through Mars is happening! That’ll put Virgo’s nose out of joint.

  4. Did you have to do that Pecker? Now my hangover is back.

    I thought Podge and Rodge had captured her and have her locked up in Ballydung Manor? The original Chambers of Horrors!

  5. The husband wonders why major Irish political advances (rising, Good Friday agreement etc) come around the Easter period. He has concluded it is because Good Friday is the only day of the year we are sober enough to come up with anything! I reminded him how unimpressed I was with this comment when I caught him breaking into my cooking booze this past Friday! The nerve… 😉

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