Memories of Belfast — 16 Comments

  1. I hope you had the correct coloured tie. 😉

    My doppelganger is my mother, I see her in the mirror every morning. She gives some funny looks.

    Its strange really because she has been dead for years.

  2. Thank God I don’t look like my mother at all. Strange thing is I don’t really look like my father either. I know there wasn’t any hanky panky because I have one or two of his features, but that’s all.
    I am unique! [apart from Gerry, that is]

  3. Apparently, I look just like Nicole Kidman. Of course I am the only person who thinks this. I am confident if I keep saying it eventually it will come true in a Cosmic Ordering type of way. Best of luck at the awards!

  4. Frankly I’d rather look like Nicole Kidman than Gerry Adams. Though she might look strange with a beard.
    Anyway, in my mind, you are now a Nicole Kidman lookalike.

  5. Aw gee thanks 😉
    Not as cute as Nicole though. Looks like we’re the ideal couple. I’ll have a word with Herself.

  6. well after close encounters with the younger kind at the weekend I may have to consider your offer 🙂

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