In search of lost Punts — 13 Comments

  1. You sly old dog you. Getting the Missus to do the work of a man while you kick back and enjoy the rugby or whatever.

    I hope to be that shrewd someday.

  2. I didn’t ask her to do it!
    Anyway, that’s what’s called “Life Experience”.
    It’s why you young people should listen to us more often.

  3. While yes, it is true that old people do have a lot to offer society …

    The old people in Cavan also have unparalleled complaining skills, so I learned from the best.

    You may find some of those missing punts if you vote for me … (winks and slips a fifty into Grandad’s pocket.)

  4. Thanks for the fifty, but we are in the same camp!!
    Sure with a bit of luck [and bribery in other quarters] we’ll both be short-listed and I’ll buy you a pint with it at the Awards 😉

  5. Here’s hoping to that.

    Congrats on receiving nominations in a manly four categories, while I have just a puny one.

  6. By the way, in a nerdy note, how much do you pay for having the pleasure of your own domain?

    Blogger has become irritatiingly unreliable lately.

  7. Congrats on receiving nominations in a manly four categories
    Nobody is more surprised than me.

    I get free hosting from my pal Ron. The domain is paid for by the ads [and a bit over for Ron too].
    He says there is a very good offer over at Blacknight for only €50.

  8. Yeah, I checked that out. Thanks.

    Methinks it’s time to leave the temperamental Blogger behind me. 450 for not having a pain in the posterior when I try to put up a post. Bargain.

  9. Ron says they are a great crowd. Apart from being a professional hosting crowd, they are very keen bloggers in their own right. A good bunch by all accounts.

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