Web design is hard work — 9 Comments

  1. Hey Grandad! What did you do with my money.

    It was very hard work swimming to the Blasket Islands holding the money in the brown email between my teeth!

    I nearly lost the bottom set as I gasped for breath. The things I do for you.

    Never again!

  2. Oh God! Sorry Grannymar. I haven’t been over there lately to check for loot. Can you collect it again, and we’ll agree a more suitable spot?

  3. What and lose me teeth again! De ye want me all gummy for the weddin or what?

    My ’sparrow’s kneecaps’ (muscles) might not stand up to it.

  4. I’ll tell you what. Send me more, and I’ll take the other as a discount off the next site. You’ll be so pleased with the first one, you’ll want lots more.

  5. But I have no more money left! Remember I am a ‘Poor Ould Widow Woman’! 😉

    Well done with the Irish Blog Awards nominations!
    Keep up the hard work.

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