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  1. Apart from a diary, I have never written anything before I started this blog [apart from letters, e-mails, essays in school, shopping lists and the like].

    That’s my kind of humour. Tell me, is there a knack to dowsing? How does one divine the presence of water?

  2. I don’t know what this dowsing thing is. I just hold the twig and the damn thing twitches like mad when I pass over underground water. I don’t believe in it, but it works!

  3. I once had to be rescued by the British Army after being trapped overnight by a disastrous flood that wiped out a village.

    Was that Boscastle?

    How do you get those little flags beside the commenters name?

  4. Was that Boscastle?
    Nah. Cheddar. I think it was 1968.
    As far as I know, the flags are an option with WordPress – FireStats plugin.

  5. I had to dowse in one job i had.I was doddlebugging, but i used pin flags.Instead of locating water i was locating my shot holes, so i could hook up to my charges between 5 & 20 pounds of plastic explosive.We were looking for oil.and the reason we dowse everything was hidden by mud from drilling 100 feet down,I quit after a 20 pound charge floated blew a hole you could put a truck in it.

  6. Ah Grandad, my father told me one Christmas day over the turkey that I was a mistake too. I don’t think it has had any lasting impact – other than the inability to hold down a job or a man.

  7. i’m reading and reading and thinking, man, i had no idea ten was such a big number.

    and then of course it was 15.

  8. @Popeye – you sound like an exciting sort of person to have around? Never a dull moment!!
    @Laurie – I’m sorry about that. It was only when I started writing that I discovered how boring I was, and had to keep going.

  9. @Flirty – I don’t know what it is about your comments, but they all get marked down as spam! Are you in the habit of normally spamming? I nearly deleted you, which you would have found very painful.
    Frankly, the unwanted bit never bothered me. I mean to say – I’m here, so why worry! And anyway it was great for morally blackmailing my mother in later years –
    “Hey – remember that time you scarred me for life by telling me I was unwanted? Well, my psychiatrist tells me I might get someway towards forgiveness if you……”
    You get the idea 😉

  10. I too played rugby, with Cavan Rugby Club for two and a half years. In those two and a half years, I was used as a last minute substitute to run down time, or to hassle the opposition’s flowing game with stupid high tackles.

    I never scored a try either. I once agreed to pay somebody 50 euro if we were playing a hopeless team to pass me the ball if they were over the try line, but that didn’t work either.

    Glory-seeking bastards.

  11. It explains a lot.
    Your childhood trauma has led to you traumatising the blogosphere in your Golden Years 🙂

  12. Grandad,

    Remember what Rodney Dangerfield said about his parents not wanting him?

    He said he got his first clue when his bath toys were a radio and a toaster.

    They couldn’t hold that good man down either. He ended up very successful .

    Now, I LOVE your dog,Sandy. Thanks for the link. It was fun to read about
    her and the picture of her reading the book was neat. I know you said she was smart, but isn’t
    Ulysses a bit beyond her?

  13. @Dario – I must admit that rugby was the only thing I ever skipped off school for. Our coach judged players at the end of the game by how muck mud they had on them, so I just rolled in the mud at the start. It all seemed a bit pointless.
    @Michele – revenge is sweet 😉
    @Nancy – Yes, Sandy is the real love of my life [don’t tell herself]. As for Ulysses – you must be joking! She did a thesis on Ulysses for her doctorate. She’s into Plato at the moment [in the original Greek].

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