I have just eaten Hard Core — 11 Comments

  1. I ate some of that X-treme cheddar and you’re right. There is no porn in it.

    I did wanted to go bungee-jumping after it, though …

  2. That explains it. I was wondering why I was Googling around looking for snow-boarding sites. They are right to have a warning. It could be dangerous to old fogies.

  3. Is this a new cheese range from Ann Summers? You fail to go in one week to get your edible crotchless knickers and look what happens an entire new range of porn products – amazing !

  4. Careful Flirty – That comment was marked as spam. I wonder why? 🙂
    I believe the supermarkets are stocking little brown paper bags that you can put this cheese in. After all, you don’t want to be pushing a trolley around a shop with hard-core cheese sitting on the top?

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