They hanged the wrong man — 8 Comments

  1. Saddam was a monster who directly ordered the deaths of thousands.

    Bush is a greedy idiot who indirectly caused the deaths of tens of thousands.

    Bush invaded Iraq for financial reasons and to strengthen the US’s position in the middle east.

    The US government sold Saddam the weapons and chemical warfare agents that he used against the Kurds and his own people.

    The US reelected Bush thus allowing his war to continue. Ultimately it is the people of the United States who have allowed this war and who allow it to continue.

    That said taking a life is wrong. Saddam should have gone to prison for life. Bush ditto.

  2. I’m not saying hanging is right, per se. In fact, hanging is the easy way out for the perpetrator.

    But Bush ultimately has the blood of tens of thousands on his hands. He is every bit as much a criminal as Saddam.

  3. Hanging is a ridicilious punishment. Life in prison would have been a far worse fate for Saddam.

    But tbh I don’t think the international community really cares that much anymore. I only found out he was been hanged this afternoon on the BBC website. The lead up didn’t exactly make front page news. Well…not in my world anyway.

  4. And also, what a waste of dictatorial experience.

    Nah. We still have George W.

    As I said above, I agree about the hanging. He is out of it now.

    HOWEVER, [and this is not a vote for hanging BTW] if he were given life, there would have been endless kidnappings and bombings while his followers demanded his release. It was a no-win situation.

  5. how can i add to this??? so well said and i agree 110%. should have been two at the hanging and i will state that gb should have been wearing the second rope.

  6. I do have a few problems with the idea of hanging. I honestly think that life imprisonment is a far harder punishment.
    An I certainly think that GB should be tried for War Crimes.

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