Vacant room to let — 6 Comments

  1. Two more years. Two more years. Two more years.

    Over here, I’ve seen bumper stickers with the date 1.20.09 on them. I may have to get one. This will have been the longest 8 years of my life.

  2. You really know how to depress me!

    Maybe he won’t last that long?
    Maybe I won’t last that long?
    If he has his way, maybe the world won’t last that long?

    I suppose it means I have two more years of material for this blog anyway. Clouds and silver linings and all that…

  3. If he doesn’t last two more years, then we’ll have to have Cheney and Cheney scares me WAY more than Bush.

    All I want for Christmas is a good, electable Democrat.

  4. Can’t you come up with ONE person out of 250,000,000? 😉

    We’re the same over here – no alternatives – nearly all a bunch of crooks. But at least they confine their messes to Ireland.

    God! I never thought I’d say something good about an Irish politician!!!!

  5. I want his head on a platter,and grandad did you hear that our biggest cash crop here in bushanalland is that evil weed.I am going to fill my pipe and have a few beers this day.

  6. The last thing I would want is his head on a platter! Can you imagine those blank eyes staring at you as you walk around the room? *shudder*

    No. The simplest answer is to kidnap him and ship him to Iraq. Stand him in the middle of Baghdad, surrounded by all the suicide bombers and watch ’em all go up in a blaze of glory.

    Any chance of shipping over some of your crop? I could do with it at the moment.

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