The sweet smell of success — 4 Comments

  1. The ones that drive me nuts are the scented laundry soap, scented fabric softener and scented fabric treatments. Scent upon scent upon scent. It’s nauseating.

  2. A fellow sufferer!!! May the scent not be with you JJulia 🙂

    Yes. All the above. I hate wearing clothes that have been through the fabric conditioner process.

    Why does everything have to be ‘scented’? What happened to good old tar soap?

  3. I can cure you.. good news. Come down to my local nightclub at about one in the morning and breathe in the fresh invigorating aroma of the atmosphere inside. It is a sealed room in which 150 people have spent 5 hours drinking, dancing, farting, peeing and most likely vomiting. All of this creates a thick fug of sweaty stench that clogs all your arteries within 5 minutes. You lose your sense of smell (sort of like what happens when you smell a rotten egg) for about 6 months after a session. It’s like an army test. They charge you 12e for the pleasure and it’s worth every cent. You don’t need to worry about plastic smellies ever again!!

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