How spam closed down a company — 5 Comments

  1. 🙂

    It sounds like there are similarities all right.

    I want something – I am going to get it – I am going to ignore all advice – I am going to do it anyway – And now I have created a mess, I’m going to sit back with an idiotic smirk on my face and say “f*ck you; I’m happy” – and the rest all suffer.

  2. That sounds very like the accountant where I used to work… creepy, I thought it was just that guy. Anyway Grandad, sorry for the lack of a presence lately – hope your having a good holiday!

  3. It is strange, but I think it is part of the training for accountancy. They are brainwashed so that they can think of nothing else. As long as the bottom line adds up then they are happy.

    “My wife left me this morning, and the kids have just been arrested for drug dealing. But the figures add up, so I’m happy”

    And John – you are forgiven for the lack of presence and presents. I’m having a great holiday thanks [I’ve just posted about it]. I hope you are too.

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