Within easy commuting distance of Dublin — 2 Comments

  1. I’m in Blessington commuting into RTE in Donnybrook… luckily the hours are flexible so a potential 1hour 45min at 7:30-8am turns into a doable 45-50 min at 9am. No all night driving sessions for me. You gotta love that M50… or not!

    I’m actually researching for a new program in RTE called Not Enough Hours. It’s a Lifestyles program based around time management and helping people make a positive impact on it. I’ve been charged with finding a commuter who would be willing to take part… a difficult task because they’re all on busses or in their cars… anywho if any of you are interested in taking part in the program why don’t you give me a call on 01 2084587.

  2. I use irish rail from carlow to dublin you would not believe the crap that you hear. Pay parking introduced for all comuter lines as far as i know 8 trains a day does not make it a comuter line but the pay station is frozen over the train station says they have nothing to do with it. The parking company when called say well there is a chance you might be clamped (120 euro ) when you get back. Then the new trains they make every announcment in irish then in english for what seems like 20 times before you get to dublin . The inspector was asked if it could be turned off he said it works on a sensor so when the train passes a point on the tracks it goes on. I rish rail are so great sensors for this but not to get the train to dublin on time ever. A short delay thats another joke you have to guess how long have to wait. The best is getting on, a freezing cold morning and thinking i might get a cup of tea well unless you are lucky enough to be sitting on one of the carrages that the trolly is on. It serves the first 3 for the first hour and the last 3 for the second hour. So you want tea you have to get off at the next stop and run to the last carrage. If you get on in any of the kildare stations forget about a seat. But hey thank you for traveling with

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