Mad Broadband [part 1] — 8 Comments

  1. HeHe I loved this story!” –

    That’s because you weren’t here on the receiving end!!

    Tune in over the next week for the next chapters….

  2. I won’t name ’em just yet.

    If they sort me out, I’ll name ’em and praise ’em.

    If they don’t ………..You’ll hear about it!

  3. You know what?
    For someone with technical knowledge with wireless networks this actually makes sense.
    Only they made a balls of explaining it to you.
    As far as what I can deduct they have actually decreased the range of their AP/Node. This results in a smaller coverage area but has two benefits.
    1) there will be more bandwith per customer in the revised coverage area.
    2) All customers within the revised coverage area will receive a higher quality of service.

    I know that this doesn’t help you one little bit (and is not to be seen as an excuse for your ISP’s previous overselling of their services) but I hope that it gives you a bit more of an understanding of the reasoning behind their actions….


  4. Thank you Evert.

    You should get a job with the company. At least you can explain things which is more than they can. I understand it a bit better now anyway.

    It’s depressing though…..

  5. Glad to be of assistance.
    I wouldn’t be interested in working for them unless I got sufficient authorithy to re-organise thei technical, sales & marketing departments…
    Click on my bloglink and you’ll see what I do..


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