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  1. Being from Derry I am more than happy that our health system is being paid for my the “South”. Nah honestly, why spend money on our health when it isnt a major issue there? I thought we plugged enough funds from the UK tax payers without having to take so much from the South.

    Your right though, the money should be used within the Republic where it is needed in places like Donegal or anywhere outside of Dublin.

  2. I sort of had second thoughts after posting this as it seemed a tad over the top [the post, I mean]. But then I thought what the heck!

    One thing that does puzzle me is that I have seen or heard no other mention of it. Maybe the paper [Sunday Times] got it wrong?

  3. Nah Grandad your post wasnt over the top at all and sure isnt blogging about speaking ones mind?

    I havent heard the news myself so can we trust the Sunday Times? 😉

  4. I’m sort of new to this bloging business. I’ve only been at it a week……….

    No mention on BBC NI yesterday. Watching RTE news at the moment. No mention. Weird. It certainly made an eyecatching headline on the front page of the Times.

    Now if it were the 1st April…?!

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