I watched a bit of a programme last night.

I knew in advance it was just going to be an over dramatised piece of crap, but then that's what I expect from the BBC these days.

The programme was purportedly going to tell us "the truth about meat".  I decided to watch it for a bit of a laugh.  I wasn't disappointed.

The programme had barely started when it plumbed the depths of credibility, or rather the lack of.  Practically the very first sentence was along the lines that "the WHO has warned that some kinds of meat were carcenogenic", but that we were not to worry as the programme was going to tell us "the truth".

The programme continued along this vein.  We were reassured that we were all very conscious of our health these days and that people would be worrying about the WHO's statement.  I'm not quite sure who the "we" was as only the brain-dead Bovine Masses will believe any of the crap that issues from the WHO nowadays, or take the tabloid headlines as gospel. 

Interestingly they came up with some rather strange facts.  We were told for example that eating a burger was equivalent to smoking four cigarettes, but then were reassured that smoking was much more dangerous.  I would have thought it was the other way around, because we were told in funerial terms at the top of the programme that meat was the number one cause of cancer and the greatest scourge facing society today.  Meat is the new tobacco, apparently?

We were treated to the sight of the presenter ordering a full English breakfast in a greasy spoon, whereupon he whipped out his little weighing scales only to declare in a hushed voice of amazement that the meat on the plate was way over his daily allowance as decreed by the gumbint.  I thought for a moment that the UK has re-introduced war time rationing [“allowance”?] but the poor idiot was just spouting what he had been told by those who know no better.

We were treated to a list of ingredients that are used in processed meat and were given the grim details on how some of them may, possibly be a factor that may, possibly increase our chances of developing bowel cancer.  The weasel words were coming thick and fast at this stage.  I regretted not playing Bullshit Bingo as I woud have gotten a full house in the first couple of minutes.

We had the eddifying spectacle of a live view of the presenters stomach as he digested some meat.  This programme was really plumbing new depths.

We were shown cattle and sheep being "calmed" in a holding pen before being led to the slaughter house as we were informed that "worried animals don't produce good meat".  The presenter at this point was thinking of turning vegitarian.  I was thinking of switching off.

We were shown "scientific experiments" where five or six members of the public were asked for their opinions on various flavours and were told this was proof that X is better than Y.

We were told that smoke is extremely carcenogenic and then treated to the sight of a couple of barbecues they had set up in a public park to test different ways of barbecuing meat to reduce those carcenogens.  I'm surprised anyone in the park survived given the amout of smoke produced. 

It was around this time that I had had enough.  There is only so much information diahrrea that a person can take.

I switched off.

…. and carried on eating the lovey fry I had just made.

I love smoked rashers.

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The Worry Generation — 19 Comments

    • "the lovey fry I had just made"  I had no hand, act or part in the making of Mr Fry.  I deny everything. It wasn't me.

  1. A propaganda speshul trying to manipulate our eating habits is only to be expected from that shower.  World Harm Organisation and Big Brother Corporation together equals a match made in … hell?

    • I knew it was coming so watched out of fascination to see how far they would go.  Unfortunately I just got bored in the end so didn't see the final outcome.  My prediction – eat meat in small quantities [as the State dictates], be careful how you cook it [as the State dictates] and avoid processed meat [as the State dictates].  If anyone saw the end of it – how wrong am I?

  2. Smoked rashers, beef sausages and baked beans are an excellent meal, and go down well with a glass of red wine. Any Irish cafe that serves such a meal should be nominated for a Michelin star if the price including tea or coffee is less than 8 euro.

  3. Oh God, where could we start? Humans are meat eaters, attested by our teeth and millions of years of development. Sorry about the animals we must kill, but we have to eat to live. I once worked in a slaughter house, often dispatching large numbers of cows and pigs. The only problem was that cows’ heads were hung on wall hooks for public health inspection, and when you picked up their tongues to check lymph glands, they would slap back in automatic reflex. Very unnerving for the novice.

    Didn’t stop me from enjoying a full breakfast or fillet steak for dinner. “Evidence” shows whatever we eat “causes” cancer. The prats who think we could all live to 200 years old if only we followed their lunatic ideas are simply living in an alternative world. Get real, grow up, and enjoy the life you have now. And don’t worry about the smoke – from barbeques or tobacco. Everybody dies sometime, what does it matter if an idiot identifies the “result” as something which might have given you a little longer to live?

    • This programme was aimed at those who "worry" about what they eat and what may give them cancer.  Seeing as it is the State who instigates these "worries" with their alarming over the top claims I suppose the have a duty to try to calm the poor little souls.  I would imagine that more people die from worrying than from eating a nice bit of crispy bacon?

      I actually feel a little sorry for those who lap up the alarming headlines and frantically try and live their lives by guidelines.

    • That doesn't surprise me in the least.  The damage done by these Health Nazis is enormous, whether it's attacking whole industries or twisting people's minds.  The sooner they're called out the better.

    • I would fully agree with that but for the laws and taxes they leave in their wake.  If somebody wants to kill themselves eating nothing but grass and avoiding sugar as if it were Sarin, then that's fine by me, but why should I have to pay extra taxes because of their beliefs?

  4. Off topic not done that on here in quite a while, this supersonic site updating yoke you've introduced its making me put a .co.uk after headrambles not .com.

    What's the trick?

    • That's not a trick – it's a fucking miracle!  Are you sure?  Do you mean it's using HTTPS:// ?  That may well happen, which just means the traffic is encrypted but nothing else [though it does fuck up one of my lists on the sidebar!]

      • I always used to type your domain moniker out with the dot com at the end without thinking. Since your speedy stripping of the site I now type the moniker out with dot co dot uk at the end. Your changes have sparked a change in me.

  5. This all pales in comparison to the dangers of dihyrogen oxide. Everyone who exposed to it dies within 120 years, most die much sooner.  

    • Dangerous stuff but not half as bad as that Dihydrogen Monoxide.  I believe the oceans are saturated with that shit.  Nasty.

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