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  1. The world is a many splendoured thing, GD. It does rather boggle the mind what some other people want to find out about, and it looks as if you get a better insight than most of us.

    O/T, it would appear that my username and email have disappeared from the boxes below again. I'll be interested to see if I get to see my comment after I've posted, because for the past couple of months the boxes have been pre-filled-in, but when I post, unless I refresh the page my comment doesn't appear. Prior to that, when I had to fill in the boxes before posting, I was taken to my posted comment. And before that, the boxes were filled in and I got taken to the comment I'd just posted.

    Anyway, keep on tweaking the site until it meets with your satisfaction. I can live with the quirks.

    • Some of the search strings I get are really weird, and I wonder how the hell they arrive here [when I try the same search this site is never listed].  Sadly I get a load looking for information on suicide, though Im glad to say that seems to be over its peak.

  2. Nope. Now I neither get the boxes pre-filled, nor do I get taken to my comment when I post.

    • This is really strange.  What is even stranger is that when this site went tits-up last week you were the only one etting a decent connection.  Now the site is running [to my satisfaction] you seem to be the only one having problems.  I did get a mail from a regular this morning to say he had been banned [!?] and am following that up.  It wasn't my favourite Troll by the way.

      The problem seems to lie with CloudFlare [CDN] as your problem seems to kick in when I switch to their service.  Very very strange.

  3. I hasten to add that this isn't a criticism – I'm telling you because I think you want to know what's going on at the other end. I'm merely giving you feedback.

  4. I don't know who Kate Middleton is but your photo of her topless had me rolling on the floor laughing.  Too too funny!

    • Apparently, she's the UK heir- to -the -heir- apparent's brood mare missus.    Nobody important really.

      • According to fans of the British royal family, she's the most beautiful woman in the world.  Personally I think she's quite ordinary.  I woudn't chuck her out of bed for eating biscuits, but I wouldn't cross the street for her either.

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