There seems to be a growing trend for the Victims in society?

In the past, if you suffered a personal tragedy you kept quiet about it, but there seems to be a growing trend for people to suffer their tragedies in public with the specific intention of "making people aware" or just "doing something about it".

Much too often we hear of some person whose kid was knocked down by a car and immediately there is a campaign for tougher driving laws.  Another favourite flavour is where someone dies of cancer and it is assumed that it was "the cigarettes what done it" so we get the grieving relatives appearing on television begging us to quit.

I have nothing against advertising – I completely ignore it but it really riles me to see these people pouring their hearts out in the middle of an ad break on television.  They may assume that smoking did the damage but that's their opinion and I don't want that opinion rammed down my throat on a regular basis.  In fact, the more their "heart rending" story is trotted out, the less respect I have for them.  They are being used and abused by the Nanny State and we all know how I feel about the latter.

The latest glamour boy is some bloke who lost some weight on one of those ghastly reality programmes here in Ireland.  Okay, he was grossly overweight and has shed a few stone but that doesn't make him a fucking expert on the so called "obesity crisis".  Yet here he is egging on the sugar tax and of course making frequent references to "our cheeeldren".

He can fuck off.  He is not an expert.  His only qualification is that he was fat, and now is not so fat.  Big fucking deal.  If we were all 27 stone when we were 21 then there migt be a point to his article but he is just being trotted out as a poster-boy for the Nanny State.

What next?  Alcoholics extolling the virtues of abstinance?  People in the advanced stages of CJD, falling all over the place and begging us not to eat meat?

Why is it that these Victims are seen as role models?  They have no qualifications or expertise.  They may think they doing some kind of public service but they're not.  They're just demeaning themselves.

Nanny State Stooges.

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Victims or Stooges — 17 Comments

  1. TV audiences are declining, newspaper sales are declining and they wonder why. Media companies are moving to the internet but that won't save them because the problem is their content. The mainstream media is the propaganda arm of dickhead politicians pushing Big Brother agendas.

    "Iv'e had enough and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

    • I have given up on the papers now.  I used to read the Irish Times and a couple of others but don't bother any more.  When the Times starts featuring "5 great ways to approach your day" or shit like that then I just quit.  I delve in from time to time, but mostly for a little inspiration for my scribblings.

      Herself loves the telly and I tend to watch it with one eye only and that's mainly to kill the ads when they come on.  I'll watch a film all right but again, with my finger on the mute button.

    • Of course it's a load of bollox.  Even the powers that be are having doubts and are talking about introducing it "as a precautionary measure".  The fact that it is yet another tax is, of course, incidental.

      All the lardarses should take up smoking.  Problem solved.

  2. Great minds?  May I quote from a post from tomorrow?  So actually, what we have today is toxic female masculinity and girly men.

    • Have you been playing around with time travel again?

      Indeed, the modern generation seems to have lost all sense of self identity.  They are confused about themselves, and are prepared to become a victim at the slightest excuse whether it's an imagined slight or someone "unliking" them on Facebook.  They somehow only seem to think that they exist by posting endless "selfies" or appearing on some bland reality show.  I despair!

  3. You forgot to mention the obligatory charity that they always feel moved to set up which strikes me as the ultimate in egotistical virtue signalling.

  4. Every one has a hard luck story. It especially irks me when contestants on talent shows are interviewed and they give us a long sob story, as if that should be the reason to win. Who cares? 

    Or, the person who's on trial for some horrible crime and claim they did it because they had a crappy childhood. Grow up! My childhood sucked but I haven't turned to a life of crime. I don't know, maybe I'm just getting old. My tolerance level is next to none. 


    • Or what about all those “charidee” fun-runners who drag themselves round some half-marathon track wearing a sign saying “doing it for Mum” or “in memory of Dad” or some other such vomit-worthy self-publicising sign.  By all means do sponsored runs, or walks, or whatever, and good on yer; and sorry for your loss and all that, but please don’t use your sorrows as some kind of shiny badge to show what a “good” person you are.  Because what those signs are actually saying, (i.e: “If I hadn’t lost my mum/dad/sister/brother/best friend/pet budgie to this disease, I wouldn’t bother to turn up to this event)” is actually almost the complete opposite of what a genuinely “good” person would do.

      • And how many of them would be running "for cancer" if they knew they were just funding career led anti-smoker "charities"?  But of course, they are the bovine herd so they'd probably think that's a good thing?

  5. How sweet!  A sugar tax!  Since when has taxing anything stopped folk from using it?  Won't make any difference to the rich fat batards – look at the lard arses in goobermint and the House of Lards!   Upping the taxes on all things car-related hasn't meant less cars on the roads.  Its just put more in the goobermints coffers to go bomb the hell out of some distant country so they can put their puppets in charge and cripple the conquered nation with debt everlasting. IF goobermints were interested in our welfare they'd be taxing the manufacturers of crap not the poor consumers!

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