I am begining to wonder about progress.

Yes – my site is still rightly fucked up. 

It's working, but that's about the level of it. 

It ain't going any faster [yet].

I have lost a couple of little interesting yokes that I wrote because of "increased security".   now I have to find a different way of writing them.  But first I have to find a different method of getting around security [though usually I’m quite good at that – not this time though].

The engineers are doing their best, as I write.  They were a little late starting this morning as they had to do some compulsory "Community Service" first.  And one of them had to be sent home as he was still too drunk from the night before.  The rest are reasonably sober though.  Or rather they are as sober as I have ever seen them.

So the waiting game continues.

Normal service will be resumed at some point, I hope.


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Gaining ground by running backwards — 2 Comments

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