To a lot of people, €46000 would seem like a lot of money?

It's more than the average annual industrial wage.

You could buy two brand new family cars and still have change?

It's a 25% deposit on an average house.

It would take two years for me to save that much assuming every cent I got went into savings.

Yes, it is a considerable sum of cash in a country with so many homeless, where hospitals are short staffed and where the country as a hole whole owes billions.

Yet this is the amount our gubmint hands out every fucking month so some cunt can live the life of luxury over in Tokyo.  Apparently this cunt has to have a gym, a swimming pool and a fucking wine cellar [also no doubt stocked courtesy of the Irish tax payer].

I will grant that this is an extreme example of lavishness though.  The poor sod in New York only gets a mere €21000 a month, which is little more than the bloke in Singapore gets.

Is it any wonder I get steamed up at this goddamned country?  They say they are trying to find cheaper accommodation.  My arse they are.  Why should they bother?  It's free money as far as they are concerned.  If they run out they just steal more.

Isn't it so easy to spend someone else's money?

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Living the life — 10 Comments

  1. In vino veritas. The wine cellar is an important accessory in a foreign embassy. Diplomatic receptions are held at weekends at which embassy staff from many nations exchange pleasantries and swap nuggets of political and commercial and military gossip. A foreign embassy is regarded as a Listening Post for cultural and commercial attaches – sometimes called Third Secretaries. The wine and spirits lubricate the conversation and information flow. I hope they serve Irish cheese, Jacobs cream crackers, Tayto crisps, Wild Atlantic Way smoked salmon and red lemonade at these essential and convivial events.

    • Any excuse for a piss-up.  I consider the pub an important accessory – can I claim an allowance?

      And what about the pool and the gym?  Do they hold receptions there too?

      €2.3 million is far too much to spend a year on an apartment or house or whatever he has.

        • Woops. I must stop buying Jacobs cream crackers so. I've found Ardkeen Irish-made crackers and other tasties ideal for impressing the sophisticated taste buds of Chinese, Japanese and North Korean diplomatic guests at our luxurious embassy in Japan. Another way for the embassy to promote Irish exports would be to give Ballygowan in Tipperary a contract to ship out tankers of pure spring water to refill the embassy swimming pool 3 or 4 times per year. Oriental guests would join a queue to skinnydip in the crystal clear pool on national holiday occasions to fundraise for local charities.

  2. Glad to see that the politicos in your country are just as shit as in ours.

    Could be worse. We've got Corbyn. Difficult to out cunt that cunt!

    • That is scary!  He is paying well over the odds.

      You know the way it works – he heads over and finds the fanciest most luxurious place and takes it regardless of cost, knowing the poor Irish taxpayer will fork out the bill.  Lamp posts… Piano wire…..

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