We live in interesting times.

Well, it's certainly going to be interesting for the next couple of days.

I won't be putting any money on the result of the referendum in the UK – I'd only do that if I could buy the vote.  It's certainly unlikely to be a landslide one way or the other, but I am fervently hoping the Leave side wins.  A vote to leave would be a shining light for the rest of us trapped in the Fourth Reich, and already I am hearing rumbles about an Irexit movement.  It doesn't trip off the tongue as easily as Brexit, but what the hell.

If the Remain side wins, I can see some nasty consequences.  The main consequence will be some massive tightening of the screws in Brussels – new laws will be passed to reduce [if not eliminate] the chances of any of the rest of us having a go at freedom.  Of course, even if the Leave side wins, Brussels will still bring in those laws in case any of the rest of us get ideas.

So come on UK – get off your arses, get out there and vote.  Cast those chains from around your neck.  Can't you smell that sweet fragrance of freedom in the air?  As we say here – Vote Early and Vote Often.  There are a couple of hundred million here in Europe praying for a Leave vote, and we watch with hope.

For just one day, your prison gate is unlocked and you have your chance to walk through it.

Don't waste the opportunity.

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Vote early and vote often — 13 Comments

  1. I hope they vote to remain for no other reason than we'll have to listen to the "Exit" talks for a minimum of 2 years if they vote to leave

  2. ya it would be great if they leave but I think they will play it safe like us with lisbon.

    I hope I'm wrong

    • I'm thinking the same way.  There was little positive about the campaign and it was all about the negative effects and scare tactics.  Very like Lisbon.

      If they vote to leave, will Brussels have the audacity to tell 'em to vote again?

          • Nope no Brexit II it seems Juncker Trusk and the Merkel boys want us out right away and never darken their door step again

            To me the EU really does feel like a jilted lover rather than supposedly sane intelligent politicians running a continent


            Reminds me of the old Diana Ross song "I will survive"

            "Go now, go walk out the door

            Just turn around now
            'Coz you're not welcome anymore
            Weren't you the one who tried to break me with goodbye?
            Did you think I'd crumble?
            Did you think I'd lay down and die? "

  3. I know a few people who might vote Remain; more who are voting Leave, with me. Even my wife has dragged her scrawny behind to the polling booth – the first time in the 30 years I've known her.

    Was slightly concerned to see a fire engine at the polling station about an hour ago, blue lights and all. From the thunderstorm we've had this afternoon I expect it's a minor flood. I'm going to be seriously miffed if all the ballot papers are spoiled through water damage!

    There have not been many posters up for this; normally you can judge the mood. About 5:1 Leave:Remain, but too small a sample.

    What's more concerning is that this is not a binding referendum, only advisory. If it's anything less than decisive for Leave then Mr Cameron will probably just ignore the results.

    I hope for a good, strong Leave result, but I'm not expecting to see it.

    • The weather is pretty foul in the South East all right – just watching news reports from London and tracking thunder storms on Weather Radar.  God casting his vote?

  4. Hey Granddad, your will has been confirmed. Look out for the recriminations and fallout. Genie, get thee in the bottle. Too late….One in the lughole for faceless bureaucrats and sadly, not so faceless, politicians. 

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