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  1. A great day for freedom if you live in UK people like me would like to thank the Gombeens like Kenny and O'Leary for their help.

    • Jayzus Cap'n!  Where have you been?  Emigrated to Malaysia or something?

      New edict coming out of Brussels – "The word 'democracy' is to be erased from all EU dictionaries and languages"

  2. Supershadow will be having his first cigarette with the stress of all this

    • Brilliant!!  Doubtless I'll be getting it in the neck for supporting Brexit.  I can't win with that bloke.

  3. Don't count your chickens, the people have spoken but the politicians have to act. At least DC has gone. We are only at the start of  the process, but what a start.

    I hope it spreads.

    Still cant believe it!



    • The people have spoken, so if the politicians go against the will of the people then that is proof positive that democracy is well and truly dead.

      Or there again, there is always another referendum?  Just to be sure?

  4. Can't see where Ireland remaining in the EU does them any good, but apparently the worthies in Northern Ireland disagree.

    My rule of thumb on such matters is as follows: always vote opposite what the bankers, traders and large corporation heads advise. Not been caught out once.

    Perhaps you could help organize the next vote there?

    • Seeing as most of our trade is with the UK and US, we'd be better off out and making our own trade agreements.

      On the other hand, US companies will love us now as we're the only English speaking country in the EU.

      I would be more than happy to organise an Irexit!

  5. Whoever said "its about the economy stupid" were clearly mistaken. You could be right that this is a beginning . That the powers that be, see the disconnect between their reality and the general public's reality. I hope the beginning is this realisation and that the EU will start to change.

    This is a wake up call for all of Europe and the needs of the people need to be recognised and the centralised power of big business elites will be curbed.and real power given back to the locals. Unfortunately bureaucracies like to suck power to the center and believe this not only right but also just. (Even in Ireland this is happening) The EU has been good to Ireland since the 70.s but it is becoming a monster that needs taming. But then it might be the begining of the end for the grand EU project.

  6. I actually burst into tears when I saw the result. I never thought I would see this day.

    Still pinching myself.

  7. If Empress Clinton is ordained this fall, they can expect her to issue an executive decree to punish the UK for obstructing the New World Order. She might relent if they adopt Sharia law and join the Caliphate. 

    Of course the UK will not be allowed to actually leave the EU. Progressives never acknowledge defeat, or reality for that matter. They will ignore the vote telling themselves, and everyone else, that the people did not understand what they were voting for and they and they alone will determine the future. 

  8. From across the pond, I want to shout congrats! I wish I could see those mendacious official's expressions when their little game didn't play out as they had planned. Now if the US could just keep human carrots and beguiling witches out of office..

  9. I stayed up half the night watching the results come in.  At first, the Bremain camp had it, but once the Brexit camp votes started coming in, I was glued to Sky News, a great network for lefties.  The British people have clearly voted to leave, if the politicians try another referendum, it will be disastrous.  The pundits were panicking about the Pound value going down, but the market analyst said it would go down and come back up months ago.  I was shocked at the final tally to leave but very happy for the people of the UK. 

    Now, if we in the states and you lot in the rest of Europe can get our act together over the next few years, our economies will be flourishing again.  🙂 

  10. This is the greatest shock since Rocky Balboa beat Apollo Creed.Celebrations were spoiled by remain voters,led by our own Gob Beldof,crying because they lost.Now after 8 years of being robbed blind by the European Union,I hope that light at the end of the tunnel is not a train.Let Brexit lead us all to freedom.Statistics show Ireland is Pro EU,so I am not holding much hope for a victory by vote.I hope that the European Union will just implode and all the corruption is exposed. I will spread the word for an exit this dictatorship, but we will need some good shepherds to lead the sheeple of Ireland to the right path,the sheeple are the majority. Let's get our country back.

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