It seems that normal service may be resumed here in the near future.

I got an email this morning from the place where I ordered a new disk.  They said it would be delivered after 12:35  The bastard was late and turned up at 12:39.

I managed to take my laptop to pieces which was a bit of a job – 17 screws in total.  Everyone says to remove the battery first but I couldn't – everything is buried under the base.  I then managed to replace the hard drive without breaking anything which is a miracle in itself, and once I had finished there weren't any screws left lying around which is an even bigger miracle.

Anyhows, I fired up the boiler and once I had a good head of steam, I lammed in the Windoze DVD.  It worked! 

First of all, it tried to grab the entire hard disk all to itself and wouldn't let me resize its area.  Fuck that!  Then it installed and started trying to chat to me.  "Hi" it said.  "Fuck off" I replied.  I had forgotten that irritating little bit of faux familiarity – I'm surprised it didn't wish me a "nice day".

Then I stuck in the Linux Mint disk.  The first thing I did there was to grab back over half the disk for Linux.  That installed perfectly and Windoze can go fuck itself with its greed..

Now I have to go through the tedious business of installing my favourite software.  Linux is no problem but I have to try to find all my old hacks and cracks licences for the Windoze shit which will be a pain.

So I'm still on my backup laptop which is grinding alarmingly and has a keyboard that is loud and clunkey.  I hate using it but it works, for the moment anyway.

I have saved myself a few hundred yoyos too which isn't a bad thing, as the nearest I could find to my current specifications was over 700 which would have left a tidy hole in the pension.

I also have a very nice new Terabyte paperweight.

I think nearly all my chickens are now hatched?

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Counting chickens — 6 Comments

  1. TOP TIP


    When putting a laptop back together and you have little screws left over, they are known as 'pocket screws'.

    As you have no f**king idea where they go, so put them in your pocket and forget about them. 

    • Thanks for that, Doug [and welcome!].

      Indeed I have a considerable collection of screws but surprisingly none from the laptop.  In fact I reckon I could halve the latter's weight if I left out most of the screws.

      Those pocket screws make excellent catapult ammunition incidentally, though only at relatively short range as they aren't very aerodynamic.  [Ball bearings are much better]

  2. Ah, good. Glad to hear a new drive and a bunch of work by yourself has (almost) got you back up and running. Almost in time for Linux Mint 18 due out in July. That is if you haven't installed the beta?

    • I was actually tempted to install 18 but decided to wait for the release version.  Apart from anything else, the Beta ISO I had downloaded was one of the [trivial] losses in the crash and I would have had to download it again.

  3. That was brave. Not sure it would work on my MacBook!

    A useful tip : Microsoft developers are lazy sods. If you enter the serial numbers as all zeroes then the check sums work and it accepts it as registered software.

    Alternatively there's a site that gives you working licence keys and serial numbers for just about everything or you could go to Pirate Bay and install from there. You already have a legal copy so you're not breaking any laws!

    • It was far easier than I expected.  I already had removed the drive when the new one arrived, so I just inserted, replaced 21 screws [4 on the drive and 17 for the casing!] and was running after ten minutes.

      Windoze is a massive pain in the arse to reinstall, but Linux took only a few minutes [including all my mail, bookmarks and other settings].

      Pirate Bay? Isn't that a naughty site?  Against the law or something?  I wouldn't know anything about that!  😉

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