Apparently those imps in Big Food [or is it Big Soda or Big Sugar?] are employing underhand techniques.

Food companies are increasingly using hidden tactics and emotional persuasion to market unhealthy food to young people online, according to a report.

Hidden tactics, huh?  Wow!  Could you be up to them? 

Companies use hi-tech analytics to target children directly and can monitor those who are more reactive to food and drink marketing and target them directly, the report states.

i.e. They use cartoon characters and primary colours?  [Mind you, they do that to adults too]

Existing curbs on television advertising aimed at children should be extended to all media, the report recommends.

OK.  So they want the Interweb to stop advertising before 9pm.  What 9pm?  Ireland's?  Australia's?  India's?  Mexico's?  The Interweb is global and is indifferent to time zones.  Good luck to them sorting that one out.

It also says a ban should be introduced on sporting heroes and other celebrities popular with young people promoting food and drink that is high in fat, salt or sugar.

That should be interesting?  Some American sports "star" or "celebrity" can't land a million dollar deal because Ireland says so?  That will go down very well!

“We know that marketing of products high in fat, sugar or salt plays a causal role in obesity,” said Tatlow-Golden.

We know?  Who is this all inclusive "we" of which you speak?  Is this a subliminal bit of advertising implying a "them and us" scenario?  Or is it an attempt to imply that everyone in the world knows this "fact"?

In that light the Government has no option but to regulate digital marketing of junk food.

Good luck with that one too.  The only way that can possibly be achieved is to switch off the Interweb in Ireland.  Mind you, that would save millions on the mythical "broadband roll-out scheme"?

A survey as part of the study found that three quarters of parents were unhappy with the marketing of unhealthy products to their children.

Q6. Do you approve of Big Soda and Big Sugar advertising yukky unhealthy rubbishy food to your unsuspecting precious little cheeeldren? Yes or no?

Apparently our Irish "researchers" are going to the WHO with this gem of a report.

I doubt they'll have time to examine it though.

They are much too busy announcing that after twenty five years of saying that it is, that coffee isn't a carcinogenic after all.

Not to mention the startling revelation to the Syrians that it isn't the bombs, bullets, missiles, IEDs and drones that are killing them –

It's the cigarettes.

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Ireland to shut down Internet — 8 Comments

  1. So, apparently the Internet was invented by the Irish government and therefor they can regulate it? It's amazing that these wingnuts are actually allowed out into the public let alone voice their opinions via the media.

    • Those in Public Health live an extremely isolated life, listening only to themselves, their colleagues and the voices in their head.  They think up these crazy notions without any idea of the consequences or even if they are possible.  They are so full of their own self-importance that they think they can boss the world around and we will all dance to their tune.

      Wingnuts is miles too polite.

  2. Heh! Q6 just about sums up the whole sorry shower of them.

    And the problem is? Is there a problem? Apart from in their deranged little heads, that is. From the article, it rather looks like advertising companies are doing what they have always done – advertising their clients' wares. Isn't that what they're supposed to do? And isn't the mark of a successful campaign an uptick in sales?

    Honestly, GD, I'm really losing patience with these fuckwits. And their useful idiots.

    And as for that band of brainless, blinkered morons in the WHO, I think they should be told to go out and play with those nice anti-smoking chaps in the Syrian chapter of ISIL. I'm sure they'd get along like a house on fire.

    • That's not a bad idea – tell the WHO to go visit ISIL [or whatever they're called these days] and to drape themselves in the Mercan flag as a sign of peace. 

      In fact everyone in Pubic Elf should follow them.  We'd all be a lot healthier.

  3. “We know that marketing of products high in fat, sugar or salt plays a causal role in obesity”

    As does the decrease in regular smoking.  Isn’t it funny – they pretty much pressgang much of the population into stopping doing something which is a renowned (and very self-evident) weight-restricter, and then, when – in almost direct correlation with the decrease – the inevitable happens and weights and waistlines start ballooning, they begin casting around for other “reasons” for the increase in obesity.  Shhh!  Just everyone ignore that elephant in the room there!

    • Their problem is that the Smoker group don't talk to the Obese group who in turn don't talk to the Alcohol group.  Each lives in its own little bubble thinking it's the most important [and deserving of the most cash].

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